Engine prime library issue

  • I committed the cardinal sin of having most of my music on a hard drive via engine prime. My laptop powered down and my drive got corrupted. Following me initially putting it into engine prime I made a few edits genres and folders.

  • I have a lot of this music elsewhere, so hoped I could reimport it.

  • When I have tried to reimport the music into engine prime all the tracks come up red. i believe this is because EP believes the file to be missing or the file path to be wrong.

  • ideally someone can assist me with resolving this, but if not i have resigned myself to deleting engine prime and starting again, In fact I did this but my previous folders/crates (minus my songs) are still present on the left hand side of the engine prime software. I’ve looked in the settings but can’t find a way to either return to the original state or start completely over again and import my music. i don’t use itunes or serato libraries.

any help would be appreciated.

thanks :slight_smile:

Currently relocate missing files is a feature request. Hopefully in the next update.

Otherwise, a good practice is to re-direct the My Music, Music folders in Win or OSX to the external drive and folder which contains your music. This way you can always just point this folder to wherever you move your music to, whether it be a new external drive or a local location.

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