Engine Prime Keeps Crashing to Deskop

Hi… So last night i was adding Album Art to my main music collection… All went well… I then turned off my pc.

Today, i turned on my pc (waited for the start up process to complete) and then clicked on Engine Prime… Engine Prime started, then it began to analyze and then crashed to desktop… I tried this severeal more times… Same thing, as soon as Engine Prime starts the analyzing process it crashes to the desktop?? Now what could this be… :man_shrugging:

The librarian software that runs on your computer is Engine Prime, not Engine OS.

If it’s crashing during analysis then you probably have a bad file. I’d suggest you turn off the auto analysis then carefully go through files that need analysing and do one or a few at a time.

As you mention album art, maybe the art you added was larger than EP expects.

Hi, what are the steps to turn off the auto analysis for engine os on my pc?? I can’t get to any of the engine os settings as it keeps crashing.

It’s called Engine Prime, not Engine OS.

Instructions on how to use the software are in the manual.

If it’s crashing before you can change settings then try moving the files that it’s trying to analyse.

I would suggest that you rename the database. This constant Engine prime crashing can also be caused by the error in the data base. Starting with clean new data base will help to pinpoint the issue.

Hi… I’ve changed m.db to m.dbb, p.db to p.dbb, sm.db to sm.dbb, sp.db to sp.dbb, stm.db to stm.dbb, and stp.db to stp.dbb… And it still crashes at startup… Also, if it matters… I am not getting a corrupt file error or any other type of error message.

You could change only the name of the folder containing these files. That is enough. File corrupted message does not show up. It is not implemented, I think.

Hi, Thank you. …

I just renamed the engine prime folder by adding a few letters after its name and still a no go… It is still crashing to desktop… This folder is sitting on my D drive next to my D drive Music folder… It contains the database files… Now on my C drive, under programs is the entire engine prime installation files… I did not change any of the names to those folders.

Also, worth a mention, i noticed my windows 10 pc recently updated itself… The changelog said it removed java… Does the engine prime software need java to run??

check if there is a MUSIC folder in your C drive as well?

Hi… Yes, there is another Engine Library folder under C Music as well as an Engine Library Backup folder right next to it.

I just renamed the engine library under C and its not crashing anymore… Do i need to do anything further? Should i delete the original engine library folder? Thanks… You guys have been great!

So there was the cause of crashing. If there is nothing that You need in it, than just delete it and carry on. If You need to get that data base back for some reason, than there is a whole subject on the forum where other users do excellent work on recovering broken data base files. Just look around for it :wink:

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Thank you! :blush::+1:

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You’re welcome. Happy mixing

You may want to consider moving your Default Music folder permanently to the D drive.

This way Engine Prime will ignore the C and use the D only.

On my desktop PC, my C drive is just start up and program files, my default MUSIC, MOVIES, DOCUMENTS etc is on the D Drive.

Engine does not create a folder under my C

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Ok, Thank you!

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