Engine Prime - how to change tracks with low quality to better ones

Hi, I have a doubt about the engine prime Software and database. Hope somebody can help. I have a big library on my hard drive which I imported in my Prime 4. Now I found out that I have hundreds of tracks on Prime 4 with a bad quality because I convert them obviously with the wrong program to mp3 320. I converted them again with Audacity and now they are much better. I replaced them now on the hard drive exactly with the same filenames because I don`t wanted to delete them first in Engine Prime (and Rekordbox) and Import them again. Does Engine Prime realize that the tracks are replaced ? Is this the right way to replace them ? Or do I always have to delete them first from the collection and Import them again ? I wanted to avoid this because I changed many wrong bpm before. I know that I have to delete the tracks on Prime 4 to Import them again with the better quality. But this would be less work then to make it on Engine Prime AND Prime 4. Can somebody tell me which is the right way? Thank you and sorry for my bad english :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you keep the filepath of the new track 100% identical to the original, bad, track then simply overwriting the old track with the new track forces Engine Prime to pick up the new track. This will maintain your cues/loops etc. If the original track was of really bad quality I would advise you to initiate a Re-Analyze on the replacing track.

More information about filepaths and there importance can be found here (video is not retstricted to Engine Prime but essentially all music software on either MacOS or Windows)

I would say, only replacing the files without re-analyzing, results in wrong waveform data. The waveform isn´t processed and you will see the waveform of the badfiles, because they are left in the database.

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I’d be very surprised if your cues, loops & waveforms match up exactly with two different encodes of the same track. …i’d re-analyse.


Surprised? I’d be jaw-dropped stunned !

I’m surprised that it was ok’d as being a suitable way of doing this. I’d go with your way.

Ok friends, thank you all for your replies. It seems to be a bad idea and it looks like much work for me. Thanks