Engine Prime & High Resolution Displays

Any plans on making the software HiDPI/retina display compatible?


The Windows version to my knowledge already is high DPI capable. Not sure about Mac.

Hey Sydes,

Engine Prime has always been Retina compatible. Is there something specific that you’ve experienced that suggests otherwise?

Maybe I should have read the manual, but is there a way to zoom in and out the columns/rows area?

You can scale the application size through the font/application multiplier under display settings / scale and layout.

This does have an OS wide effect, but this may help other applications as well, especially if you’re rocking a QXGA resolution or higher and it’s still set at 100% scale.

Note- this does require an application restart before the changes take effect.

Thanks AirVince for your reply…

You should have a look at the 150% scaling. I have my screen currently at this scaling. (4K on 17 inch laptop).

It seems the scaling of the engine prime software at 150% is identical to the one at 175%, 200% and 225%.

Changing it to 250% makes it bigger. Changing it to 125% makes it smaller.

For me 150% would is ideal as this results in readable characters in all software, but this setting results in characters that are way to large in the Engine Prime. (see attached screenshot)

Hopes this makes sense?