Engine Prime Features Suggestion


After a few hours use Let’s have few suggestions

  • Add a “quantize” on/off switch on player A&B to desactivate to be abble to make quickly a cue point between two grid marker. (go into settings/playback is laborious).
  • Add an import function to directly import serato/itunes playlist (ex : right click “import to collection”) because “create, name crate, switch itunes/serato applet, cmd + A, drag & drop” is laborious
  • Possibility to import a whole collection of itunes folder, sub-folder & playlist Respecting the arborescence & be able to update this for any added mp3, playlist or modification.
  • Add link feature to link sc5000 with engine on mac/pc
  • Add dynamic analysis for unstables BPM
  • Import serato beat grid like hot cues
  • import date added from itunes

I think everyone can give his opinion&suggestion here to improve the thing.

Sorry for my english, i’m french :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Possibility to remove a star rating (back to 0 stars)
  • Import existing File System folder structure (folders + subfolders) as crates (and the ability to keep the crates up to date with newly added files in those File folders)
  • Possibility to drag & drop new artwork to the Track info
  • Possibility to add SC5000 custom artwork in Profile Preferences under Devices in Engine Prime
  • Highlight the track that is loaded into a player (maybe cursive text or color)
  • Improve first beat detection
  • Preview waveform in column view
  • Setting to view BPM with one or two decimal digit
  • Possibility to view extensive file information
  • Add a help / manual

and from serato. the “date added” is a substantial part of my sorting.

also, unless i missed it, add hotkeys for the waveform zoom. i’m using that all the time and having to do it via prefs -> slider is not practical at all.


Be able to resize the waveform displays ( i don’t mean the zoom rate). people on high resolution monitors have a hard time seeing the wave form, even on the max zoom level .The window needs to be fully resizeable. Be able to empty a layer. the only way to currently do it at the moment is to close the software and reopen.?

  • On MAC version: Enable press to hold for special characters (in search & tag editing)
  • Setting in preferences allowing to use Special characters or ignore/wildcard them (like é, ë, ê, è, ę, ė and ē are all treated as ‘e’ and á, ä, â, à, æ, ã, å, ā are all treated as ‘a’ and ó, ö, ô, ò, õ, œ, ø, ō are all all treated as ‘o’, etc etc…
  • Show sum of total playback time for a playlist and crate
  • Add column for File size
  • Add column for Hot Cue
  • Open close Filters by click instead of using keyboard F
  • Click to disable sync doesn’t word (only enable?)
  • Drag & Drop sub crate into a crate (from file browser)
  • When search in crate give no results, give option to search in whole collection with click or enter
  • Option to hide the player
  • Profile preferences: Key lock On / Off, Vinyl Jog Mode On / Off, Sync On/Off, Quantize On/Off, Playback time elapsed / remaining

My feature request, apologies if this has already been addressed:

  • Smart crates. I love smart crates in Serato, creating rules that auto-manage your crates so you don’t need to constantly update them with new tracks etc.

Date added is there, unfortunately it relates to the date the track was added to Engine, and not to iTunes or Serato. Having access to both dates would be handy.

Ok, here we go again… I’m on a roll here… :muscle: :fire: :sweat_smile:

  • Seperating timer ‘remain / elapsed’ and ‘dynamic / static’. Currently I can’t see my original remaining time (only dynamic)
  • Add filter for star rating
  • Option setting: click on Waveform for Play and Pause
  • Keyboard Shortcuts overview (in menu)
  • Back-up function for library
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Active Loop Mode Loop auto-engages once the track has reached user-defined point. Helpful for non-DJ friendly tunes that don’t have a proper outro for mixing purposes.

Waveform Zoom Buttons within GUI This is a big one. Having to constantly click on the setting icon and adjust the zoom level is one step too many. While most modern tunes are soldiers in the “Loudness Wars” and have mountainous transients, older tunes can be a bit trickier and require a good deal of zooming to ensure initial grid marker is set properly. This can be a simple as implementing a +/- button or a keyboard shortcut…and perhaps even a pinch/pull gesture for us Mac users. :wink:

Update: it turns out this is already doable. Mac: CMD and + or - to zoom. PC: CTRL and + or -.

Create Playlist Folders/Subfolders Self explanatory. :slight_smile:


If you click on the time within the GUI (located under the loop/hot cue buttons), it will actually change from elapsed to remain. :slight_smile: I happened to stumble on this accidentally. Also, space bar is a quick shortcut for play/pause.

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yep, that’s what i meant

Forgot to add: Metronome.


I know it’s possible to click on the time to switch elapse / remain, BUT this is LOCKED to Dynamic / Static time. Try change your pitch down to - 50%, the track time is adjusted (dynamic). No way I can see the static (original 0%) remaining time currently.

Ahhhh I see what you mean. My bad, I completely misread what you were after. Great suggestion.

Found that bottom right, marking this line as solved :smiley:

Moving on

  • Tags starting "The " sorted by the first character of the next word, for example “The Bee Gees” and “Bee Gees” will be recognized as equivalent and sorted under “B”. (Might be user setting and then also be available in the SC5000 firmware).
  • Implement instant start for tracks with silent or near-silent lead-ins (auto cue to start of audio)

ON SC5000 please add a column for sorting by date added …


Another request - the ability to sort cue points chronologically, as you can in Serato.


I would like to see a metronome included. I Feel it’s useful if you can set it as the master sync and adjust beat grids that way if you don’t want to use dual layer.


Definitely need a shortcut to search the collection, Right now CMD+F searches whatever crate you’re in, they’re should be a shortcut that jumps you right to collection and ready to search

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