Engine Prime doesn't see Prime 4

I installed the hd ssd on my Prime 4 a few days ago and I just checked if the consolle read it and if I Engine Prime see it and all was fine. Today I had to start transfering the files, but I don’t have the device between the options. Prime 4 detects the hd. I also tried with two PCs, with the same result. I’m not sure, but I don’t think I changed anything in the setups (I put rekordbox on off because I don’t need it anymore). I also tried to reformat the HD again, but same result.

Please, can someone help me? Thanks in advance

Did you reboot the Prime4 in controller mode?

^^^ Yep! Try that @Paride

Connect the usb cable that comes with the P4 into the port at the back and to your PC. On the P4 go to Menu, Source, and touch the Computer icon at the top.

That should do it.

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I have the same issue. Connected P4 to laptop with engine or engfine prime but P4 will not recognize my laptop

Sound like you might have to format you drive to fat32.

Better go with ExFAT.

For windows pc’s, you first have to format the drive ex-fat separately from your P4 and then install the SSD or harddisk. When you put the P4 in controller mode, the P4 will keep saying “looking for pc”. However, when you then open Engine prime software, Engine will see the disk in the P4 as an external drive and you can put music on it. Although the p4 will still keep saying “looking for pc”. I hope that Denon will solve that in next firmware update.