Engine prime continuous play button

Hi Guys, Does anyone know how or where the “continuous play button” is on the software? so that i can play tracks continuously on my PC?

Why would you need that? This software is not meant to be a playback program.

I agree, it’s a librarian program, not for casual listening playback.

On the other hand, after just taking a look at EP because of the above post, it is a little strange…

Each EP deck has a previous track and next track button - but you cannot load more than one track.

I tried selecting several tracks in the browser and dragging. I tried dragging a crate. I tried dragging a playlist. EP would not permit me to load more than one track at a time.

So why the prev/next track buttons? [shrug]

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Serato and Rekordbox software does… i need that for listening to tracks without having to drag and drop every single track.

Anyway that’s cool…if it doesn’t, it doesn’t…

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Yes DJ software does, but not librarian software.

You’ll find Traktor does too, and VirtualDJ.

You could start a feature request, probably an oversight during development.

Because if you are inside a playlist or crate you can press the icons or the “CTRL + UP” or “CTRL + DN” keys to play the previous or next track, exactly as you can do with the keys on the console with Engine OS .

ok, but not continuously.

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Yes, of course, it lacks a “continuous play” feature as is present in Engine OS.

I just answered PK’s question asking what was the purpose of those two buttons in Engine Prime readers.

I would love to have this feature also. My use case:

Want to listen to an entire playlist in the background while doing other things, without having to keep leaving what I’m doing to go back to Engine to preview/play the next track.

Now, it would be even better if this had an auto-fade option to save time on listening to intros/outros, but I’m aware I would be asking way too much then :blush:

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I would love to have this feature also.

Continuous playback is helpful as I perform library functions. It is not mutually exclusive with the functionality of Engine as a “librarian” software (as opposed to a “playback” software.

I would imagine others share this opinion, as demonstrated here in small size.

Cheers. WM