Engine Prime Availability on older Operating Systems?

Is there any possibilty of getting Engine Prime on older operating systems. I run OSX 10.10.5 Yosemite and don’t want to upgrade because my macbook is from 2011 and I don’t want it tomess up all my plugins for making tunes.

Being forced to use Engine is extremely painful and there doesn’t seem to be any support network for people in my position. If you search Engine it just comes up with pages for Engine Prime.

I can’t be the only person in this situation???

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you can run 1.0. that’s what i do most of the time on 10.9.

Really, Awesome! I’m sure I tried this before, going back through all the different and couldn’t get it to work. I’l try again now, Thanks

In that situation, I’d look at dual boot or a simple netbook type budget PC.

Engine Prime wouldn’t need a great processor with a zillion thread capability, as it’s just library functionality, not a stage app. Plus it only runs through the big dirty whole library analysis once. Even a dreadful processor tackling a large music collection would only grunt for a weekend. Maybe even a intel i3 or less/ netbook would cope for less than 200 bucks.

Where did you download 1.0, the Archived versions on the Denon page only seem to go back to v1.25???

IMHO, I would go with @Antchi on this.

All great, but the laptop is 9 years old. Using an old Engine Prime, things like the database will get broken when you use a player with new firmware.

Ahh OK.

What about, if I have all my tunes on an SSD inside the Prime4. I install Engine Prime on my girlfriends PC runing Windows 10. Could I analyze the tracks on the SSD without having to import them on to her computer, or do they need to be stored on the computer as well as the SSD?

That’s no problem. It will be a USB drive. No need to sync, but do make backups and eject the USB after you’re done.

Wicked. Nice one. I’m gunna test that out now.

can’t confirm that, i’m doing that all the time.


It’s a choice. Perhaps all goes well. Wouldn’t be my choice.

engine prime’s backwards compatibility is not exactly generous. thinking of serato for example, you can still use the latest beta with 10.8.5!

dj laptops in particular don’t need a lot of juice and hence can be used a lot longer than computers for other tasks. it therefore makes sense to have the compatibility going back further than on average.

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I don’t know Serato or MacOS very well, but are you certain? It can run perhaps, but unsupported.

Running the tracks directly off the SSD seems to work brilliantly. I have had 4 tracks playing at the same time whilst recording with no issues which was my main reason for wanting to use the SSD so a massive thumbs up for that.

I would like to use Engine Prime though for setting up playlists. Surely backwards compatability is possible.

I am using a 2011 macbook pro, which while being quite an old machine, is still pretty powerful and can handle all my audio production needs, and I haven’t even upgraded to 4GB ram and an SSD yet. There are a lot of people out there who consider this their favourite macbook due to its upgradability and build quality. There are also a lot of people who don’t like to constantly upgrade their OS. I would like to upgrade to El Capitan but I can not work out how to do this. I am not upgrading to High Sierra like Apple would like me to do as I have heard it would cause problems with all my plugins that I use for making tunes.

The processes that Engine Prime does are hardly game chaning and can surely be run on older OS’s if the time was putting in to making this possible.

If Engine Prime was usable on my mac I wouldn’t have any complaints about the entire Prime package, this is the only thing letting it down for me.


yep, did try myself. and sure, it’s not supported officially but that doesn’t matter for as long as it works.

You would need to download the upgrade tool. After install run it from Applications. Upgrade will commence to El Capitan.


There are more Apple users here who could help you with this. Not really a DenonDJ forum thing, but hey…

Coincidence, I’ve recently done this successfully with an old iMac of one of my customers. :smirk:

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It is possible you will have issues due to different database versions being used because of migrations (adding/removing columns/tables/databases/data type changes etc), unless you are using 1.0 on the players as well.

The more your versions diverge the greater chance you will have issues. Additionally features such as the new BPM algorithm, cloud services, sync manager, analysis locking etc won’t be in the earlier versions so it’s likely using 1.0 is going to be a more miserable experience.

My advice is always use the version of Engine Prime software that goes with the Engine OS firmware.


sure that’s possible and the more distance between the versions the more likely that is. so far however i didn’t notice any issues.

obviously new engine prime features are not available then but the kicker is that you can use it at all. otherwise in a case like this you have to ask yourself: are the additional features worth a new laptop?

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