Engine Prime and SC2900/3900?

Hi, question for Denon people.

Now that Engine Prime has MCX8000 export mode for preparing USB sticks, can it also be used in SC2900/3900 players? Unofficially of course.

Did anybody try it out?

Don’t have my 2900s anymore, but since it requires a firmware update and a bit of computing power, I am afraid that most likely won’t work.

In theory it should work. It’s still a Engine1.5 database

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I can confirm this works!! My SC2900s read all files and I can play them with waveform present. Only big big downside is that it does not recognize the Hotcues and loops.

This should be a minor adjustment in the SC2900 / SC3900 firmware I suppose

Good to know. But I’m wondering why hotcues are not recognised. Maybe try setting one with no name and color option in EP software. Also, can you confirm playlist are recognised?

Also, just to kill any hope: Denon will DEFINITELY NOT update SC2900/3900 firmware for that. Don’t even bother asking.

There was the same issue for the MCX8000 due to exporting not overwriting the current database, you have to delete all .DDJEMO (probably not the correct name) folders present then run the export again.

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