Engine prime 1.5 smoothly run

As I see that some users have issues, just to mention that I run it on a Dell 500 euro laptop and it runs too smooth. My collection includes 600 tracks, not to many, I know, but it runs perfect.


My 500EUR Lenovo and 3000EUR macbook also do a good job. So it’s not a matter of how expensive the computer is, rather what a mes some people have on it and can’t deal with it, complaining on everything else…

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In fact, when a prospective buyer lands on a forum of a specific product (Denon Dj in this case), and starts reading the various problems or defects, he may also think that the product does not work well. But you should think that generally on the forums you come to indicate your problems or defects and try to solve them. Hardly a customer will come to the forum to say that “it’s all right”.

So I think that @dj_chris 's post is useful to make it clear that if someone has problems, instead there are many other users who are comfortable with these products.

I installed Engine Prime V1.5 on 3 different computers (both Windows) and none of them have problems or freezes on startup. So for me Engine Prime works well, for what it says it does. Obviously I can’t pretend to get the calculation of the variable BPM, if we all know that this is not possible for now.

Developers and technicians must also be supported morally to be encouraged to continue their work, and therefore it is right for them to know that there are also users happy with what they have done. :+1: :+1:


Bang on Mate !

It’s easy for a visitor to read a thread of 50 posts and think omg there’s 50 people with problems.

It’s only if you stick around that you then get the true picture, most of those 50 posts are the same 3 or 4 people replying on the original post and people asking them questions like have they tried this or that or is their big button in this position or that. Meaning it’s really 3 or 4 people having a problem, not 50.

Then apply that there’s not only those 3 or 4 decks or mixers whatever sold around the world, it’s more like 3 or 4 hundred thousand and all of a sudden 3 or 4 is an infinitesimally tiny percentage… but still 3 or 4 too many. Perfection is expected.