Engine Prime 1.2 is here, but it’s time to say goodbye!

I was so excited about the prime series last year that I pre-ordered a set of SC5000 and x1800. , I received my gear it looked great. I loaded up engine prime 1.0 and my initial regrets started to kick in. I was so in love with the hardware I convinced myself engine prime will eventually get better. I knew being an early adopter there would be issues but I was very optimistic for the Denon Staff cause I saw via social media how hard they were working to make the product better. In the past year I probably used my gear about a dozen times the way it was intended to be used. Hard drive only. I was able to use my gear for certain sets mainly house sets cause the software had no problem organizing and and analyzing anything from 120-130 BPM. But I found myself going back to Serato for my open format gigs cause the beatgridding capabilities on engine prime are pretty much useless. The beatgrid “function” is so bad it can actually bump up or down your tempo midway through your song if you try to adjust the beat grid.

In the past 6 months we been hearing rumors about an engine prime update coming soon and the forums have been flooded with Beatgridding issues. It’s a known issue, I thought for sure would be addressed with the new update.

June 18th arrives and I get and update “1.2 engine prime is here”. I watched the video with the product manager, jason and I was ready for the part where he gets into beatgriding and he briefly mentions Downbeat detection improvement .”the down Beat analyzed more accurately than ever before” this was the only mention of “beatgrid improvement” he even throws in the the fact that Denon knows how important this is to Dj’s! The mention of beatgrid was so quick , I thought for sure I missed something and watched the whole video again. But it’s been over a year now and they still can’t get it fixed.

Denon Staff, thanks for the updates on the database management side of the software. I appreciate the new features but can’t we get some of the original features fixed first! Although you added “better” downbeat analyzing, The beatgrid feature on engine prime flat out stinks. If the better downbeat detection cant correctly analyze a 100 BPM track, and we Dj’s Can’t manually Adjust it, then why call it a “Feature”

With that said it’s time to sell my gear. I stuck around for over a year and if it hasn’t been addressed by now, it won’t ever get resolved. I find myself using my prime set up with Serato cause I can’t rely on engine prime. No point in using a $6K setup when I can do the same thing with a $1000 controller.

Good luck with your product I hope someday you guys accomplish the global takeover but I can reassure you , a lot of DJs in LA and Las Vegas won’t use your products cause they hate the software for the very same reason I do.

Anyone looking to buy a Pristine Denon prime setup with a lot of extras , I’m in the Los Angeles area hit me up!


Yeah, proper beat gridding will make a huuuuge difference now. I have had the gear for many months now i have not used it out yet, makes no sense to use it rather than a controller if i’m going to use it with Serato.

Hopeful that flexible-elastic & better beat grid user editable parameters make it into the next firmware update. I envisage another update happening sooner than the usual long wait…Traktor HID didn’t make the cut on this release.


Goodbye then!

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I agree and I too have been frustrated, not yet updated but looking forward to see how the grid and the looping syncs when jumping from loop too loop, I have had lots of issues with timing despite having my grid as accurate as I could or as auto analysed, looping is a nightmare in relation to the grid, but I hope this is all good in the updates or I will be gone now after a year, I am happy with the folders for playlist but I still want the all in one system that I can create and save playlist and manually beat grid those are my most important suggestions, just no fun when I cant get a set together using the hardware without having to use pen and paper and then going back to the software to create the playlist, the history never really works for me in any sensible way, we need common sense here if the people over at denon wish to really make a proper go of this Prime hardware.

I was looking to getting the prime mixer soon, but all depends on this SC5000 update and a long hard think about this tedious process and killjoy approach with the lack of the most important aspect the creation of playlist via the hardware how obvious a emission for the overall marketing of the sc5000, not really the perfect solution, but I will be keen to test the updates and take it from their and now hoping Denon are on a roll, last chance hotel, but exited for the time being to update.