Engine OS Freezing often during exports?

Hey all,

I don’t know if anyone else has had this issue, I am still new to Engine OS so any help with this would be appreciated but I have been having an odd freezing issue while exporting to drives.

I am currently Re-Cuing an sorting my whole music library as I move from my old gear to the Prime 4, I have been exporting small groups of songs or metadata changes to my USB drive as I work through my songs and have had MULTIPLE (More than 50%) times where Engine OS freezes during export, no matter now little data is transferring over.

Now I have read that the exporting is particularly slow with some people and given how little data is syncing each time I transfer I doubt that’s the problem as other times the loading bar FLIES through and finishes in seconds.

This normally wouldn’t be much of a problem if it wasn’t for the fact that when I try to cancel the transfer, Engine OS freezes, if I try to close the app, it stays frozen, Task manager end task wont even work, then I try to restart my computer AND IT WONT EVEN LET MY COMPUTER SHUT DOWN IT FREEZES THE COMPUTER. The only way to shutdown is killing power to my pc. This has happened 4 times now, I’m almost sure its not my PC I have a very well build machine that never gives me problems like this, it only happens in Engine OS.

If anyone has any insight into this issue it would help tremendously, Thanks again your all awesome!!!

First of all, to avoid confusion, it is necessary to clarify who is Engine OS and who is Engine DJ Desktop.

Engine OS is the operating system that comes installed on your console - the Prime 4 in your case. It will be updated with the firmware that you can update via the web, via USB stick or via a computer connected to the console’s USB port.

Engine DJ Desktop is the application you install on your computer (PC or MAC). With it you manage your library, export playlists and many other things that you know.

So since you’re talking about exporting tracks, then I guess you have problems with Engine DJ Desktop (therefore not with Engine OS as you wrote). :smiley: