Engine OS Desktop - Zoom into waveform using mouse wheel

Am I missing something, or is zooming in and out of a waveform on the desktop software using a mouse, not a thing? I see the ± buttons on the waveform but scrolling with the mouse wheel isn’t working? FWIW I’m using a Logitech MX 2 and 3 mouse, both exhibit the same behavior. I know there’s a lot of hate for logitech mice in this forum, please save that for your reddit posts.

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There’s a post about the keyboard shortcuts offered by engine DJ , which includes zoom in / zoom out.

Using shortcuts in engine dj a lot. Good workflow with this document.

Awesome, thank you. That’s very helpful, however, it doesn’t address the problem - using the mouse wheel to zoom on a waveform is a standard UX that should be primarily supported, with keyboard shortcuts as a backup. Not the other way around.

I’d like to submit that as an official request, I should be able to zoom in/out on a waveform using my mousewheel.

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“Standard UX”

As in other DJ software allows you to zoom on the waveform using a mouse wheel?

People have offered a simple keyboard shortcut, which is also ‘standard UX’

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The forum has a voting form that can be filled out. It’s about 5 or 6 questions. Once submitted, other forum members can use one of their 10 votes for the idea, if, they think they must have that idea put into practice. “Likes” or “+1” or “me too” won’t get any attention to what already is a fairly niche audience of potential voters. But, the votes will capture all who vote for it, so there could be more who want it.

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Yes, you are correct. And so is mousewheel support. There’s an opportunity to improve the experience, asking for mouse wheel zoom support, which is a standard UX that the wheel is literally built for, is not a huge task. Literally every other DJ library tool supports it except Engine. That’s not a “feature” that’s a mistake.

Also, my questions does warrant being trolled by someone who thinks they know better. I thanked the previous poster, I recognize the contribution, I still think adding a common feature that everyone else offers is a good idea. Perhaps there’s an opportunity for you to spend more time on the decks and less time looking for opportunities to shoot people down.

Well done! That was the list of keyboard shortcuts that I was thinking of, when I mentioned it earlier.

So you joined the forum an hour ago and so far you have made 5 posts and in 3 of those posts you have made accusations about other forum members?

And now you’re making some derogatory comment about the amount of time I spend on decks, why straight on the defensive because I merely asked you a question? As others have pointed out, fill in a request form and let people vote if they think it’s important enough.

If you want better engagement with people, perhaps lose the attitude problem and introduce yourself in a better manner, because at the minute there is only one troll I can see here.


No one asked for your opinion in the first place. No one needed you to step up. No one asked you to come in and correct my behavior. Also, I have not accused anyone of anything, I’ve made comments about poorly implemented software features. I thanked the person who shared the doc with me, and I addressed that this is not the solution. That’s not a personal attack on them, it’s a dialog about how the software is not meeting expectations.

Perhaps you should spend less time being so sensitive and taking this so personally, as if the Denon forum and the amount of activity one spends here validates their opinions. This isn’t the 90’s, no one cares how many posts you have or how much cred you’ve earned for being here. Simply put, I’m addressing software issues and just because I didn’t “introduce myself” doesn’t make my suggestions invalid, especially when they’re simply pointing out obvious flaws that literally every other platform supports.

Get off your high horse man

And lets be real, you didn’t ask a question you made an accusation as if what I was requesting was unnecessary. I’m quite capable of reading between the lines my guy. People have offered a simple keyboard shortcut, which is also a ‘standard ux’

Yes, thank you, I’m very aware and I saw that. It’s not enough, it’s not the correct implementation, it’s not the only solution, and my response is not at those people, it’s at the idea that the feature is not correctly implemented

Ok, whatever you say big man, have a nice rest of your day.

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This is a forum, so discussions happen and disagreements as well. Only problem is that texts can be read and understood in different ways.

Stay respectful.


. Er they are accusations… you ask a question on a PUBLIC forum and say people are trolling you… get a grip Maybe you should take a look at serato. … that doesnt have mouse wheel zoom control either … and thats industry standard.

It appears you are the one one the biggest horse.

Serato DOESNT. get your facts right.

Well actually the forum members DO respect those that have been here a long time. There are a lot of very knowledgeable people on here that spend many many hours giving their time for free to help others and try to solve others issues. I suggest you respect that as well.


Cool, thanks for sharing your opinions. I needed to be told off again to understand how to conduct myself here.

Getting my facts straight:

  • Mousewheel zoom exists in Traktor, Rekordbox, and Lexicon
  • Mousewheel events are an industry-standard set of functions that that capture data X, Y, and Z WheelEvent.deltaZ - Web APIs | MDN
  • Not being included Serato does not make it the industry standard. If that were the case, why is it supported by RB, produced by the maker of the industry-standard hardware?

From what I’ve seen here, Engine is built on QT, a packaging platform for cross-platform development. QT is mentioned a few times here (I do my research), and after a cursory look at the QT docs, it seems that QT reads the X and Y of the mouse event but does not have a clear Z property. If this is true, there is an explanation for why the feature is not supported. It also explains the issues for Logitech users who use LogiOptions as QT may only look at specific mouse events, not those supported by 3rd party tools.

FWIW, I’ve been designing digital products for 20 years. I’ve shipped apps that have been valued at $600MM. I know how to design and deliver “industry standard products” — mouse wheel as a zoom tool is a low level of effort, standard UX, for navigating in and out of 2/3D spaces or when you want to get more detailed information from a birds-eye view - think Google maps. In this case, the waveform preview is akin to looking at a geographic area from an elevated point of view - literally peaks and valleys.

  • The waveform preview has multiple dimensions, as proven by the ability to zoom in using keyboard shortcuts or pinch to zoom, and the need for precision when setting beat grids, cue points, or loops thus it is not a 1D surface.

  • Like many other tools with similar spatial UX needs (Google maps, Photoshop, anything that allows you to get a closer look) you should have the ability to quickly and easily get more data without having to only rely on keyboard shortcuts. Not everyone uses keyboard shortcuts. There’s a whole world around accessibility standards, I invite you to look it up. And yes, I recognize that this is not a “website” but the borders between website and app have been disappearing for decades.

  • Also, using the mouse wheel to scrub left/right on a wave form in a DJ tool does not make sense because you’d most likely use your DJ controller or drag with pointer or finger. Although one could argue that this would be the default behavior but generally speaking using the platter is the most logical UX.

Support for mouse wheel zoom exists because it is a standard UX pattern associated with mouse wheels when navigating 2 or 3D surfaces. Serato and Engine are outliers for not supporting it. The exclusion of mouse wheel zoom is either a framework limitation, an engineering error, or product manager oversight. Or perhaps they’ve found that their primary users are not using mice at gigs, which is obvious. However, times have changed, not everyone is gigging, streaming DJ’s are very much a thing. Thus working from home, managing a library from my desktop should also utilize desktop patterns. Why build desktop software if you’re not supporting desktop UX? Input support for all types of use cases should be supported - it’s foundational to building good products. Why do you think A11Y exists? There are those in the world who do not use keyboards, who do not use mice, who do not have perfect vision, who have color blindness. The world doesn’t revolve around a single UX.

**The point is, what’s it matter to you? **

Are y’all writing the code? Are y’all shipping features ? Would it really ruin your day if you could zoom into a waveform with your mouse? Would that make you throw your Denon controllers out the window? Psht, I’m done, back to Pioneer!

Was it my tone? Well, guess what, I’m not one to be easily pushed around and I can use quotes too, so don’t come at me with things like ‘Standard UX’ as if I’m being unreasonable and then get bent when you get called out for asserting your “forum authority.” Go back and read my initial response, I thanked the first person for the link, I appreciated the share, and I clarified that I still think it’s a valid option to have. I’m not attacking the user. That said, I’m also not going to play into some toxic forum etiquette gatekeeping BS when someone else who felt personally attacked for no reason at all tries to make it seem like I’m being unrealistic for asking for something that would be an enhancement. FWIW - if you don’t end up using it, great, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t exist and again just because Serato doesn’t have it, doesn’t mean it’s the right decision.

Re: Serato, I generalized as a way of expressing the scope of the mouse wheel implementation. I am willing to say most apps support it and those that do not should. Doesn’t change that mouse wheels are used to scroll and zoom, period. So I invite you to check your facts before coming on here and misquoting me to express your dominance in this space because you’ve offered your free help to others in exchange for clout that gives you the right to tell people how to act.

I’m done here.

I’ve submitted a request for the feature. I’m good. Thx

Deleted the mud slinging…

I agree with @paintlaurent. Vote here: Zoom in/out of the waveform using the mousewheel in Engine desktop - Feature Requests / New/Open Requests - Engine DJ Community

Closing this accordingly.