Engine lighting/soundswitch

so I’m a newbie to engine lighting so bare with me, if I use prime 4 internal drive sound switch is doing what it should, but if I switch sources say for example a usb flash drive, do I have to reload a lighting profile from the new source? or will the current one continue to work?

secondly I have 3 different lightshows I use, some of the show are the same, like room uplighters for example, but I use different lighting up top, do I set these as different ‘rooms’ then scan tracks to do all rooms or individually? in secondary rooms it shows files already have a sound switch file.

last night I was using engine lighting, switched to tidal to load download/stream a track then back to prime 4 internal and engine lighting crashed. (it’s ok after a reboot) I have uploaded the coredump files to denon.

No, Engine Lighting always uses the program you have selected in its interface. You can also select different sources for the audio tracks, you can also switch to streaming services, but EL always works.

I don’t know what to answer because I only use one “room”.

This happened randomly, as I switch many times from the local collection to a streaming service, but the console never crashed in that case.

thanks for the help

Just to add to this engine lighting crashed on me another 3 times last night, luckily when I selected my ‘room’ it reset and was ok again, this was just using the prime 4 internal drive. I’m using latest engine os (which updated last week)

Engine Lighting’s been about the only part of my Prime 2 I haven’t had any issues out of…

well something strange, instead of exporting my soundswitch files via engine desktop, I exported them to the prime 4 direct from soundswitch, doing it this way it hasn’t crashed on the last 2 gigs, only difference I can see (I have 3 rooms for different lighting) is when exporting via engine desktop it only exports 1 room, if I export via soundswitch I export all 3 rooms and associated files for scripted tracks