Engine Lighting option without Denon Mixer

Hey everyone, I am looking for any options out there to run engine lighting (DMX) without a Denon mixer such as the x1850 prime. I have two sc6000 players which I love, but sold the x1850 a year ago as I did not like the sound quality at all. Replaced that with a Rane MP2015 Rotary, which is amazing.

I recently invested in some DMX lights and learned the Soundswitch software to create custom light shows I can take on the road with me to gigs. I also learned soon after that in order for engine lighting to work with scripted lightshows it requires a Denon mixer. The thing is I do not want to have to carry around a laptop, so midi mapping the MP2015 for me is not an option.

I searched the forum and found a few similar threads from last fall and was wondering has anyone come up with another approach to do this without a Denon mixer or carrying around a laptop? Hoping some creative technical folks have figured something out. Is there any other standalone hardware that can do this with engine?

I really don’t want to have to buy an X1850 again just for this feature…

Soundswitch desktop is the only solution. You will need a laptop for that.

There is no way for Engine Lighting to know which fader is up or down without a denon mixer or laptop + midi mapping

What’s wrong with having laptop anyways? You will be using it for lights not for playing music.

Thanks for the reply. Is there a schematic that details how to wire everything up? I would imagine I need an ethernet hub with each of my SC6000’s connected to the hub, plus ethernet from that same hub going to the laptop. Would the DMX light chain plug into the laptop? Also, where does the MIDI mapped mixer fit into this? Would the Mixer’s USB hook up to the laptop as well?

I watched a video but it focused on the prime all-in-one.

Sorry for the newbie questions :slight_smile:

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All valid questions

The best way to get help with Soundswitch is to shoot an email to support@soundswitch.com

I don’t want to provide wrong info but I think it may be like this

  1. a Lan hub
  2. SC players and laptop connects to the hub via LAN cable.
  3. Soundswitch usb connects to laptop
  4. Mixer connects via usb to laptop
  5. Switch to Performance mode on the Soundswitch desktop app
  6. Midi map the channels on your mixer

Thanks! I will email them if I run into issues

Hey, soundswitch runs on the player and the USB-DMX adapter is put into the player. No need for a mixer in between. You can just directly link a 2nd player and it’s going on… Dunno what people always discuss about lighting and mixer between the players. Have nothing to do with each other. Cheers!

But soundswitch need to know the up-/crossfader position. How should that work if you dont use the laptop? How would it know which track is playing as main track?