Engine Library on external Hard drive + Apple Music

Hello! I tried searching but that just left me more confused than to start with. I hope this thread can give a more clear answer than the other ones, and also is easier to find. The threads I found did not involve Apple Music.

If a clear answer is given in a another thread, please provide a link to it :slight_smile:

The situation:

I have an external drive with all my music using Apple Music so I can easily switch between my devices.

I use the Apple Music connection within Engine DJ.

But I don’t get how I can store the Engine DJ Database on the external drive. I don’t see an option to choose location from Engine DJ in the options. Only to backup.

Is it possible to have Engine DJ with its library/database on an external drive and how do you do it?

I read somewhere that you can use Rekordbox → Engine DJ. That option is fine I guess but would prefer the above option. Mostly because I think it would be fun if Denon triumph over pioneer and then It would be cool do be deep in their software already.


It’s done for you once you use the external drive with Engine DJ.

If you check the root of the external you will find an Engine Folder

  1. Connect the drive to laptop
  2. Refresh Apple Music in Engine
  3. Import all apple library to collection

That’s it

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Oh yeah thanks. Thanks for the clerification :smiley:

What devices are you switching between with DRMed tracks?!

Wishful thinking, Engine DJ desktop software s*cks to be frank. And will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Lots of features lacking, buggy, stuff not thought through. It’s never cool to be deep in any proprietary software, only causes problems when things change in some way.

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