Engine Library not turning up in Sound Switch


I have the prime 4 connected to a laptop via the ethernet, I fire up sound switch and went to general tab and selected “Engine” “all in one” and restarted.

In Edit mode the “Engine” tab top left is greyed out and my tracks don’t turn up in the collection. The Engine tab is lit on the perform side but not the edit.

How do I get SS to read my Engine library to analyse tracks?

I have also turned off Wifi

Shouldn’t this be really easy?

dont excactly know why you connect your prime 4, except you just only use an internal ssd.

But you have your stick analyzed in engine on your laptop, than sync it and go to soundswtich if your sticks shows up in Engine DJ desktop it should show up in SS.

However all answers should be explained here:

I have my engine library on my tower pc and put SS on there as well. I was able to analyse the playlist with SS and export the playlist with the SS files via Engine OS. So I have the stick with the files loaded onto the Prime 4. All is good but when I connect the laptop running a separate version of SS via the ethernet, nothing happens… what is supposed to happen? Is my venue from the laptop supp to turn up on the Prime4? Because it doesn’t? Nothing happens when I play the tracks. Prime 4 also doesn’t show a DMX output. I have a 3rd party dongle coming out of the laptop, will this not work until I have a sound switch one? I know to take it directly out of the P4 I need a SS dongle but thats why I connect to the laptop cause I don’t have one yet.

Since the computer I analyse with is not the one Im using to run sound switch when connected to P4, do I need to set up the venue on the computer I analysed the tracks with?

When you export the playlists with SS data does it export the venue as well?

I’ve watched all the video and find it lacking in many parts

Only certain dongles work. Yes it must be the same pc where you analyzed the songs. SS saves the files also localy. You also have to be in venue mode

I think you have to look at the videos again. Yes it shows up as a blue dot next to the song in engine dj, but you have to activate the view. Tbh is know this is shown in some video. Since you ask, you should probably look at the videos again. SS is like every software, you will need a couple of hours to grasp the program. No shortcuts especially if you work with the pro mode.

If you don’t want to spent the time just use the Philipps hue light version, because the dmx part will take some time to understand.

I’ve using DMX lighting for a long time, this is a different ball game trying to get Dj gear to work with DMX.

I just tired to make a new venue and new project and put it on the Drive for P4 and now it is saying error I need a complete project files…bin… frig I guess I will have to put my playlist on the SS computer and export from there and see if it works that way.

I am using the Entec DMX pro, I have the Control one ordered. I guess I will eventually figure it out.

i am pretty sure your two computer variant is the problem. SS works pretty solid for me on my devices in standalone and with my sc6000/MP2015 set up.

I think you may need to build a project on the performance laptop.


You could try exporting the SS project file from the tower pc to peformance laptop

Then load the project file and see if your prime4 works

At first it took me a bit to understand it, but I’ll tell you about my experience: in the upper left part of Soundswich, select your collection, you may have it where it puts your hard drive in the tree, once there all the songs appear, select all and you apply an autoscript, for example dynamic, it works very well (it will take a few seconds per song, so leave the computer working for a while) when you finish export the project or save it directly to the hard drive of your prime4 (click and drag), then in prime 4 you select the project and that’s it