Engine Library Collection on external disk

Is it possible to have your music files on a standard ext HD plugged into your laptop. Then just drag your tracks from there to an ssd without the need to having to build an engine library (Left hand column first) ? Surely you can just drag from your music to your ssd ? it analysies it first then you can eject and plub the ext ssd into your chosen player ??

i say this because i have had many issues and i feel the engine library collection is conflicting with the tracks on my ssd. Therefore can you not just drag direct to the ssd within Engine DJ ???

Yes, and that’s what I’d like to do if I could go back with my library. Read here:

Hi Thanks for that.

This is similar to what i mean, only I dont use 1 ext drive I use 2 … No 1 is my DJ Collection, No 2 is my SSD that I use to play on my Machine. So what I need to be able to do is drag from No 1 to my ssd no 2 within Engine ??? So on your SSD in Engine you make your playlists etc and drag to that from the DJ Collecyion hd ext drive. This way completely ignoring the Engine Library Collection. Can this be done or when you drag does it make a copy in your Engine Library ?? this may be how Im getting bad conflicts. I have tracks that are appearing in many different playlists and I have not even put them there ???

I want to be able to delete my Whole Engine Library Collection, so it does not interfere if I can ??? Obviously I would do this when my SSD is ejected ???

I don’t know if this is feasible. Maybe @mufasa can help you.

I am also using a large collection of music files, but they are Flac Quality. Ive around 65,000 tracks. i thought the best or advisable way was to first build an Engine libray Collection in Engine then drag or Sync to a new ssd attached drive. However this is not working for me at the 5th attempt I want something a s simplistic as possible as I have spent more time messing than using my machines. So I want to beable to drag to my SSD from my Ext HD using engine to analyse everything first.

The easiest and fastest method is what @mufasa explains in the link I sent you above. That way you only have one collection that you use for both Engine DJ Desktop and Engine OS, so you avoid having to use SYNC MANAGER with all the problems associated with it. You just have to keep a regular backup copy (as Mufasa recommends), of all your remote SSD.

This i may have to go and try then I have 2 x ssd for back up purposes. This actually means then that your raw files are on the same drive as your analysed files ???

Yes. Read carefully the thread I sent you. :wink:

In a nutshell: you have a single copy of your music files on the SSD1. It will be connected to Engine DJ if you want to edit Hot cues, loops, grids, to create playlists, etc. Then you can also connect it to your hardware (Engine OS) and use it. Any changes you make to the hardware will be done immediately on the SSD1, so when it is connected to Engine DJ you don’t even have to use SYNC MANAGER.

You can use your SSD2 to mirror SSD1 and keep it as a backup copy.

That seems like a great plan in Theory ??? does it do a duplicate though and double everything up filling your ssd ??? Also to keep good clean mirrored back ups do you have to eject SSD 1 add tracks then SSD2 do the same so they stay mirriored ???


If your music file is on SSD1, it is not duplicated. So if you put your collection in a folder on SSD1, the track will always stay in the location you put it. It will not be moved to a folder formed by the “Artist / Album Name” as it does after exporting to a remote drive (using Sync manager). Since your track will be stored only once on SSD1, it is therefore advisable to backup ALL SSD1 so that in case of failure you do not lose your entire collection, because you have the backup.


You can decide on what method you want to use.

Both works (I use both methods) I have 4TB SSD where I store all my raw music. This is my DJ Music collection drive and it’s always plugged into my Mac. I also have a 500gb SSD that I export playlists too (using sync manager)

If I have a gig I need my entire collection I just plug the 4TB direct to the 6000. If it’s a club/bar gig I go with the 500gb

  1. If your Dj collection HD is connected to engine desktop, you can use sync manager or drag and drop to load tracks to your performance SSD. The collection HD is treated as if it’s your computer internal drive.

  2. You can also plug the DJ Collection Hd direct to your players. It will work like a performance drive

Hi There that is great info thank you,

What i want to do or should I say have tried and its failed, is constantly have my ext HD 4tb (Music Files) permanently plugged into Engine DJ and drag those to my ssd, so that everything on the hd is same as whatsame and then just add tracks as i go.as the ssd once analysed ??? Whats happened though is that the Engine Library database has interfered and caused some kind of a conflict. This has resulted in the Eng Lib collection and my ssd differing greatly in the number of tracks. This must have messed things up further, as now i have tracks all over the place in both ssd and eng lib where tracks are in different folders and i never touched anything. They appear to have chosen their own folders and also some are duplicated. If I delete any tracks they disapear from where there not supposed to be and from where they should be too so they are gone. If I re add those tracks to the correct playlists in either the eng library or the ssd, they once again find there way into wrong the playlists ??? im stuck at this point and its so annoying. Ive asked if I can just delete the left hand Engine Library folders, but will this make all my ssd track vanish too ??? I wish there was no Eng Library Collection and you could just drag your tracks to an ext ssd. Now I have the eng lib root folder etc and I do not know what to do next ???

This is where i am stuck now :frowning:

So to clarify I want or have two ext drives.

  1. Is my DJ Collection Raw Files on a HD 4tb plugged in permanantly to my laptop

  2. A 4tb SSD which is what I want to use to play on my Prime 4 controller. I do have another 4tb SSD to use as a clone.

The exact music on my raw files I want on my 4tb SSD but of course all analysed and in playlists. I have about 65,000 tracks in Flac quality.

But something is going badly wrong i thought maybe it could not handle the amount or it goes wrong if I drag too many over at once. However when I still drag 100 tracks it all looks good, then if i search other playlists its put copys of them in the wrong playlists too.

How can I solve my problem here without having to start all over again it takes me weeks.

Can I delete the left hand column totally under “Engine Library” Will my tracks still be on my SSD. If so I can then surely go through my raw files and check they are dragged to the SSD correctly?

To delete this Eng Library I was told I think I need to find the root folders and delete those in my C Drive on Laptop and possibily the database on my raw Files drive ???

Start with a new database

Rename the “Engine Folder” in C music and on the root of the HD

Use this as your base. Add all tracks from the HD to Engine.

Then use FreeFileSync to clone the HD to the SSD

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I was afraid you would say this hahah

So you have a “database2” folder do you make a new one along side that ?

Im new to this part.

I had another suggestion also ??

What about copying my 4tb HD raw files to my spare ssd ??? that has all my stuff analysed ??? That way I would be just using the ssd to plug in when I needed it ?

If that went ok I could copy the ssd to my other ssd and I would have the 2 copies ???

I could potentially forget the engine library and the 4 tb hd raw files drive ???

Také a look on ATGR software. Mac only. https://www.atgr.nl/

@mufasa when you do this, do you drop the tracks in the “main collection” (on the left side of Engine DJ), or in the collection that will be created in your external SSD (Drives)?

When you acquire new music…where do you save it to?

Yes I drop it to the main collection tab (LeFt tab)

You can do that. I will recommend using a cloning app to clone the HD to the SSD.

The parent folder “ENGINE Library” rename that to anything else for ex “Engine Library Dec21”

You have to rename it on the HD and your computers Default Music folder usually in C drive. If you have other installed drives in your computer, check those as well for any Engine Library folder and rename those

At First i started to drop them into the Engine Dj Left Hand Side then i dragged to the ssd from there. This may be where i have gone wrong. If i could start fresh id just drag the tracks straight to ssd ??? but what is done is now done its really how i can rectify this the databse is so large 65,000 tracks that starting again will take forever :frowning:

New Music i first save the raw files to my 4tb HD (Raw Files Music Collection, then drag to Engine. What may have happened is that some tracks have been dragged to Eng Lib Collection left hand side and others to ssd.

How though do i have tracks in different and wrong folders? i always drag them to the correct playlists be it eng lib or ssd ???

Unfortunately in Engine DJ if you want to move the tracks, you have to delete the database and start from scratch. There is no way to change the path inside it without losing everything.

Thats not good news :frowning:

95% of my databse is ok, but when i plug into my laptop my ssd my hd with raw files on and the eng collection all differ in tracks as in they all have different amounts on ??

I have an ssd fully analysed so i can play on my players i am lucky in that respect.

The main thing now which I am considering is to copy all my raw music files to my spare clean SSD and rebuilding from scratch. I still have one ssd analysed so im not totally stuck. But Im thinking of using the spare ssd as per Mufasa stategy so one drive does it all and you keep a copy of it