Engine Libary on C: is corrupt

Out of nowhere i got this errror

Already tried to install last 3 previous releases, got the same error. Any other ideas ?

*Also tried to delete database. Same Error.

Have you got a backup database on that drive? If so, rename the current database by adding _OLD or something to the end. Then rename the backup to the same name as the current. This should give you functionality back.

Already tried. Same error. If i delete everything in the Engine Libary , same error. Even de-install, delete database, restart + new install… same error

That could mean the backup had the faulty database saved over it.

I’ve heard if people rescuing databases. There’s a thread somewhere where users were helping out with that.

Hopefully someone will be around soon that can have a poke about in the database to help you. Other than that, it looks like a rebuild from scratch I’m afraid.

This is very strange. When you run engine for the first time, it creates a new SQLite3 database for you. Are you sure you’re deleting the correct directory?

Also, as a troubleshooting step, please see if you have any external devices (or internal) devices that may have the Engine Library/ directory when running Engine DJ. I’m not saying this is the case, but it’s possible that another db instance is corrupt and the error itself may be wrong.

Found a solution. Engine made Libaries on 4 hard disks, dont ask me why, never change it from beginning. I’ve deleted everything, now engine works fine and libary still exist :smiley:


There is a library database on every drive in your pC that contains music files that you have added to engine dj


Now backup that good one and you’re golden. Glad it’s sorted.