Engine fails to export playlists 28-02-2024

I am running Engine 3.3.0, no USBs or media was removed incorrectly. The software has been running mouths smoothly for months. After spending a day re-linking missing tracks and deleting music to get my library in order. I tried to sync my whole library with a 256Gb integral USB V3.1. Sync manager successfully exported the music but totally failed to export any of my playlists.

This issue has effected Engine for a long time and it is a basic function of DJ software.

So I ejected the USB and formatted it and tried again to export music to a USB and again sync manager failed to export the playlists.

I then stupidly thought I would restore my library from a backup, this was a waste of time, still no luck in exporting any playlists. Then I uninstalled Engine download a new copy and before I installed Engine I cleared all Engine date off my machine. Restarted made a simple playlist that failed too export too. Help!!! this is supposed to be professional software that has failed twice in a year, devs please sort this ongoing issue! Anybody help!!!

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Just acquired Denon media players on the premise of the Traktor export and it is not working. I am not happy…

There’s a fix use Mixo to convert your playlists from Traktor to Engine. Mixo gives you a 7 day trial period it has just saved my playlists after Engine glitched and refused to write playlists.

Ok good to know… had started to look at Mixo so good to know that it worked for you… will try this later. Many thanks