Engine / Dropbox - Process

New Engine user here … just waiting on SC6000’s and X1850 to be delivered. Figured while I’m patiently waiting I could start organizing my music via Engine desktop.

Wow, this has been a trying experience I have to say … coming over from the “P” world where this stuff was pretty straight forward I have to admit.

But none the less I have decided to dive deep into the stand alone world using Engine.

I have been trying for the past while to get any songs into Engine Desktop and finally figured out that any of my music collection that is on a NAS drive won’t import. I searched around and this seems to be a common complaint. Surprised by this I copied down 4500 songs from my NAS to a local direct attached drive.

Now Engine is processing the songs … looks like when it completes then I need to “export” this via the Sync Manager so that it will upload to Dropbox and once my stuff arrives it’ll download to the players along with my cue points and other preferences per song. I’m assuming this works well?

From a process perspective I wanted to ask a couple of questions …

Each time I make any changes on the desktop to cue points or any song characteristics (Genre for example) that will get saved locally and I just have to export again to have it synced via Dropbox to the players?

When I delete a song from Engine, I think there’s an option somewhere to actually delete it from disk? Assuming I have that correct, does that also sync through the system (ie. removed on Dropbox which then removes it from the players?)

Last question (for now haha), when my players arrive and I enable Dropbox “integration” then I assume everything will get downloaded and stored on the hard drives (once I install them). How does the system know where to store everything when there are multiple media players involved? I’m hoping that it doesn’t just download to one of them and hoping that I can take advantage of all media player storage as each SC6000 will have an SSD installed. Just wondering how that will work …

Actually one more question kind of unrelated … for recording mixes, can you specify which SSD the recording will be stored? just curious …

Thanks - appreciate all the newbie questions here :slight_smile:

I believe it works this way

  1. Once you power on the 6000 you select a drive where the stream tracks data will be stored. It can be SSD, SD, USB or whatever.

  2. You are asking for a bucketload of pain if you install SSDs into both units. This means both units may have different states of the library.

  3. On paper the install SSD option is tantalizing but in reality, a hot swap drive is more convenient (imho)

Thank you … and yikes! While I like the stand alone mode concept this is really starting to sound like it would be much simpler (for a permanent installation) to just run Serato or Virtual DJ in all honesty. I ordered SSD’s for them and I guess I should have asked more questions before purchasing. I’m actually looking at two more SC6000’s right now …