Engine doesn't display key info with FLAC file

Hello, I just notice that the Engine software doesn’t display any key information with FLAC file. The player (SC6000M here) still does its analysis and display a key, but it’s not always very accurate (I do my analysis with Mixed In Key) and also require to load the track once to be able to see the key.

I know that key display is also an issue with Windows explorer (I’m using Win11) so maybe it’s related to that, but how does other program like Traktor/VDJ/Rekordbox do ? The show the right key (and give the possibility to use the one already there instead of their own analysis).

What version of Engine is on the unit? And how do you rip your FLAC? Half my collection is FLAC and I’ve never had issues, I use Windows Media Player to rip my CD collection and use Engine Desktop to analyze.

Most of my sound come from download site, like Bandcamp or Beatport (if I need to convert from wave or CD, I use EZ CD Audio Converter).

But the issue is not with the source of the format, Engine could analyse the file and give me a key (like it does when loading on a SC player) but I turn off the auto-analysis, because I want to see the key find by Mixed In Key (which are usually more precise).

It work with MP3 file, but not with FLAC (I talk about the windows explorer cause it got the same issue, when you show the key column, it doesn’t read the key info on a flac file, apparently that’s an old windows issue, maybe Engine share that part of code or something, I don’t know)

Both desktop and OS player are on 2.2.2

Works for me when I analyze in Engine and I D/L FLAC from Bandcamp. I stopped using MIK years ago, IMHO it’s hot garbage.

That’s an opinion, and I disagree with it, as I find MIK more acurate. But that’s not really the topic here, MIK it’s just a tool I use, it could be something else, the point is that Engine doesn’t show the information I want and that’s my issue, and as I don’t have this issue with others program, then I repport it here.

Perhaps you could try “reimport track information “.

I have all my data show up correctly in both the Prime4 and SC6000. Workflow is: Download from Juno → Analyze in MIK8 → Drag into library of Engine → Engine Sync manager to export to SD which get used in both players.

Engine is running 2.2.2 and players are up to date. Engine auto analysis is set to on but keys are always the same as what MIK sets as to my knowledge, Engine won’t re-analyze the key unless you select Re-Analyze Track in the track menu.

It does change the tracks key if auto-analysis is on, sometime it’s the same result (cause it’s not that bad after all) but sometime it give differents result than MIK (v. 10 for me).

I see it easily cause I also have the key information in the genre field so I can see it on CDJ without having to use Rekordbox.

For now I’ll use the auto-analysis, since it give me the same result as the player, but without the need to load it first, but I hope they’ll update Engine one day and fix that, or give the possibility to choose more information display on those giant screen, so we can choose what we want to see and how we want to sort our files (would be even better if we could see those information on the folder section of the player, without having to use the Engine software).

Thanks all for your help :slight_smile:

I use MIK, save key info to comments tag, analyse track in engine, change any “wrong” key tags to match comments key