Engine does not find the key


Hello, engine does not read the key, how can i do it, thanks

I think you’ll need 3rd party software. The best in the business imho is still Mixed in Key (which has been updated to include some tagging and management functions as well). It’s not free though. A free alternative is Keyfinder.

hello, thank you for your reply, try with those softweare, let me know if it works

hello, thank you for your reply, try with those softweare, let me know if it works

Serato DJ offline scan for keys too.

or you could use this free app called keyfinder


run your tracks through it prior to engine.

used to be my work flow before Serato had its native key analysis.

I tend to stick with one key finding app.

This is the key (no pun intended). It doesn’t really matter how accurate the software is because if you have your whole library analyzed by only one software even the tracks that have the wrong key added will be only one key “off” - and that key is still compatible.

hello, thanks for the answer, I tracked the tracks first with SDJ, and he finds me the key, analyzed the tracks even with mixed in key, but whenever the trace amounts on the engine nothing the key is not found.

Not quite, unfortunately.

A) It is not a given that wrong keys are all wrong in the same direction and amount B) One of the main things a lot of software gets wrong is major/minor keys. Clearly this matters not if you stay within the same key (Camelot users: that is either A or B in the same key). It does however if you move a key left or right (again, using Camelot analogy here), which you can safely do if you stay with the major/minor of the playing key, but which does not sound nice if you try mixing a major key with a minor different key.

At the end of the day though, it’s a tool not a rule and you should always trust your ears.

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Word. :wink:

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