Engine DJ will not export playlists


I just made the upgrade to 2.0, and I have some issues exporting playlists. I have a big collection, with about 50k tracks, around 4k of them sorted in playlists.

After the upgrade I deleted all database files, both on my internal drive, and my external (where I have my collection).

When I rebuilt my playlists, I could sync them just fine, but after adding the rest of my tracks (that are not in any playlists) to my collection, the problems start; I can no longer sync any playlists. Tracks seem to transfer just fine, but they refuse to be added in any playlists. I cannot drag and drop them either.

I use a 1TB SSD drive as my export target, which I use in my denon sc6000’s. (ExFat).

Also, why isnt there a “collection” point to check in the Sync Manager? Seems a bit unnecessary to select all tracks and just drag them over, Engine seems to freeze for a while when attempting this.

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Also, for some reason, when my whole collection is added, I cannot rearrange or add/remove tracks to my other playlists…

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There is tread here on this issue…


The community thread is down?

Hi alexander did you solve this issue?