Engine DJ (v3.0.0) stuck on 'Initializing' on launching (W11)

Hi all, I’m having a lot of problems with Engine DJ on my main PC. Using Engine DJ since version 2.2 and the first 2 times I used it I had no problems, but after that I can’t get it to open anymore. It launches the little startup box and then hangs on ‘Initializing’. I’ve already tried to repair the install, do a complete re-install and even remove everything that’s related to Engine DJ before I re-install and it still does not want to launch. I thought it would be fixed with the new v3.0.0 version, but still the same. I’m using an AMD Ryzen 7 3700x, 32GB Ram, RX6700XT, running Windows 11.

On my old and very slow Intel i3 laptop I can run it without problems only very slow to analyze tracks etc…, but I would prefer to get it working on my Main PC though (a lot faster).

Anyone know what this could be? I’ve already tried to search a lot for a solution, but I’m lost at the moment…

I think there is a fix mentioned somewhere in the forum about removing a registry entry.

After I uninstalled it, I did a registry clean up. Isn’t that supposed to remove the E-DJ register then?