Engine DJ (v3.0.0) stuck on 'Initializing' on launching (W11)

Hi all, I’m having a lot of problems with Engine DJ on my main PC. Using Engine DJ since version 2.2 and the first 2 times I used it I had no problems, but after that I can’t get it to open anymore. It launches the little startup box and then hangs on ‘Initializing’. I’ve already tried to repair the install, do a complete re-install and even remove everything that’s related to Engine DJ before I re-install and it still does not want to launch. I thought it would be fixed with the new v3.0.0 version, but still the same. I’m using an AMD Ryzen 7 3700x, 32GB Ram, RX6700XT, running Windows 11.

On my old and very slow Intel i3 laptop I can run it without problems only very slow to analyze tracks etc…, but I would prefer to get it working on my Main PC though (a lot faster).

Anyone know what this could be? I’ve already tried to search a lot for a solution, but I’m lost at the moment…

I think there is a fix mentioned somewhere in the forum about removing a registry entry.

After I uninstalled it, I did a registry clean up. Isn’t that supposed to remove the E-DJ register then?

@Kenneth_Goor I’ve found the solution for your problem:

  1. Fire up Engine Dj. And leave the icon in the taskbar.
  2. Press shift - right click on the icon in the taskbar and press maximalize.
  3. Enjoy Engine again… And smash your head (like I did as well :slight_smile: )

Happy Djing

Tried it, but doesn’t work for me. When I open up the app, it opens the loading box where it hangs on ‘initializing’ and it tries to open the program window which stays white. The icon in the taskbar has ‘maximize’ greyed out for me when i try ‘shift-right click’ on it…

Tried all the other options though, but nothing works.

Thanks for the idea though. :slight_smile:

Try launching it as an administrator. I’m pretty sure the issue is just display (min, max, last format etc… )

The issue you described is exactly the same as the one i was having… Tried everything (uninstall, clear reg, backup db, etc etc… ) - in the end the window was just hidden :sweat_smile: