Engine Dj -> USB -> Show playing Tracks on PC?

Hi guys

Im completely new to Denon. Im currently running a setup of a SC600 Prime, a LC6000 as a Deck Controller and a Numark M6 USB. Everything works fine. I capture the Audio via USB from the Mixer to my PC, but also my SC6000 Prime is hooked to my PC via USB.

Is there a option to mirror what is shown on the SC6000 Prime to Engine Dj on the PC?

I would like to capture the playing Track to my Twitch Stream somehow.

Thanks for your input!

Do you mean you want to show what you see on the SC6000 display? Then no, it is not possible to export all this to the PC. You can use a webcam pointing down on the display.

Instead if you want to show the title/artist of the track you are playing, then you can use “Nowplaying 2”, or other similar software that will be loaded on the PC.

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I have Engine DJ open on my PC…but i just use it to share my library. When i select a track on my SC6000 Prime it doesnt select that one in Engine DJ as well.

How would that tool work?

It is primarily a library manager. You should watch the various videos on the Engine DJ Youtube channel.

Okay thanks will do that

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Have you seen this tool? I bought it from a guy who posted it right here on the forum and it works great! I always use it on my OBS streams!

[djctl - DJ Control] (https://www.djctl.com/)

Does that tool require you to use a Denon Mixer as well? Im not doing that currently

You don’t need to, but you will have to connect the players to a hub or router so that they are linked and connected to the PC

I think he stopped developing the tool. Its not working for me anymore and after purchase im unable to reach them anyways…

Wrote 2 E-Mails and pings on Twitter.

Guess 20 dollars wasted.

I also wish Denon would add this function. It is Engine on both of them so it shouldn’t be to hard to implement.

I have the same problem as you, i wanna show the songs loaded on my decks in my stream.

How i do it now ?

I use Serato and screen or program capture in OBS, and cut out parts of Serato to show the song playing, wave & BPM + i have to use SoundSwitch on my pc and connect with Serato to use my lights.

SoundSwitch is build into my SC6000’s !! Now i have to pay to use it + i bought Serato.

We can connect to our library through LAN or Wifi, you can select 2 or 4 decks.

Would it really be impossible to make Engine DJ on pc respond to what’s loaded on the decks ?

Is you want to see how i’m using it now, check out the link: https://kick.com/machinegunmarty

Would really make a world of difference for me. I could ditch Serato and use SoundSwitch from my SC6000’s.

Are there any plans for this in the future ?