Engine DJ to DN-s3700

Hello everyone! I have just acquired a pair of DN-s3700 and tried to use the Engine DJ to manage my music, but no luck so far with the playlists and audio data (bpm and waveform). I am using a mac, so I was not able to download the old Music Manager. Does someone know a trick or another way to manage and export the music to the usb for the DN-s3700 to read it correctly?

see there

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hello I have seen on the forum that the version compatible with the mcx8000 works well (1.3 to 1.6.1) you just have to use the export function as if it were a mcx8000


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Not true, that was for SC2900 and SC3900.

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Thanks for the reply! but I am currently using a mac :frowning: (I tried using the app ‘PlayOnMac’ to run the MM but every time I try to set it up it crashes)

Cazepi, to be honest I would not bother with trying to use Denon Music Manager to organize music considering the S3700 screens are so small and offer so little info.

Rather use them as controllers for DJ software like the the VDJ or Traktor Pro 3 (there is a good mapping for it for TP2 2.11 that should work also for TP3 DJ TechTools - Denon SC3700 Hybrid-Midi 2 Deck With Spinning Platter)