Engine DJ Synch over USB Mode to Mediaplayer USB Ports / SDCard Slot


Engine DJ synchronization in computer mode via USB works fine with a internal ssd.

My 128gb SSD Samsung 830 is not the youngest and makes the SC6000 extremely slow in the search section. Therefore removed again and changed to my SD card.

Unfortunately, Engine DJ on Windows does not recognize the SD card. Is the synchronization via USB Mode only intended for the internal SSD Drive?

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Reformat the sd card and should be fine

I think poster wants to see the SD card (in the 6000) in engine DJ.

It won’t show up.

OP needs to plug SD card to laptop

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Exactly, that was my question.

Thanks. I just gonna plug the sd card directly into my pc.

Buying a prober new gen ssd would be the solution.

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That’s why I suggested to reformat the sd card. Put it in the laptop, check whats going on from finder/explorer, copy what’s needed. ForMat to ex-fat, export music on the sd card, insert back to the player. This should also make the card visible thru usb cable and player in computer mode.


SD cards do not show up in computer mode/usb cable mode.

USB and SSD show up in computer mode.

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Yep, sd card is simply not recognized via computer mode… But the SD card works fine on the player or PC itself.

Only the USB ports works via computer mode.

Is there any special reason for this?

There is my current Eninge DJ Collection on the SD card. This works perfectly in the player and on the PC.

You suggested to format the SD card again. I have already done that several times (exFAT). Can I still have done something wrong here?

SD card reader is just not internally connected to the USB hub inside the players, simple as that.

I think, this explains the problem… Don’t format the card then. I will check this also on my unit tonight.

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