Engine DJ Sync Manager Very Slow

Hi I’m new to prime and Engine DJ. I’ve created my playlists in Engine DJ but for some reason when I use Sync Manager to sync my playlists with my HD it takes days to sync 500gb of music to my drive. When I Say days. I started Sync on Thursday its now Saturday and the progress bar is at 50%

I have the latest Pentium i7 processor with 16gb Ram so it’s not a slow laptop and I’m using USB 3

I’m just wondering if this is normal or am I doing something wrong ?

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That’s not normal. What’s the read and write speed of the destination? Is it connected via USB 2 or 3 cable?

I’m using a 2 TB Seagate HD through USB 3 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07DQ91XNK/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_J9MG96SFNMKV6C5X5M2N

Its really frustrating the time its taking. What time would you expect 44000 tracks to sync using Sync Manager ?

Same here. The Sync Manager takes waaaaaaayyyyyyy to long. More than 1 hour, sometimes close to two hours! It feels like a poor code writing.

I have a Mac with Big Sur 11.6 and an external Scandisk 512GB USB 3.0 (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B083ZRDXSQ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1).

And now I also got the “Corrupted Database” error so I need to reinstall Prime.

Not a good weekend in my DJ world :unamused:

I will advise getting a SSD. I have 75k tracks and it occupies about 700gb on ssd

Those seagates tend to be slow and they also have a finicky usb socket. I have 4/5 seagates. I only use the for making back ups. It takes a day for me to clone my music ssd to one of them seagates

I’m looking at SSD for the internal drive for the Prime 4 when I get round to it. I just wanted to get my prime up and running. What drive would you recommend if you don’t rate Seagate ?

@DutchOne I feel your pain :pensive:

depends on what size you need…2tb or 4tb?

i have 2 samsung 4tb

the Samsung QVO which is a QLC drive is another alternative but they slow down when the cache fills when doing heavy writes but you will rarely need to write a lot at once after the first sync

I’ve never had any success using sync manager for large exports.

I think the reason why it’s so so slow for large collection is that the sync manager everything each time it sync ie: it read the whole audio file (multi megabytes) instead of doing a fast skip based on filesize.

You’re better off modifying the database on your HDD directly. The sync manager was designed for small collection stored on medias around 16 GB capacity ie: thumb drives.

I have exactly the same issues, and I’m not even transferring that many files. I’m moving a playlist with 27 tracks in it to a USB thumb drive and so far it’s taken over an hour. Appreciate that they are high quality AIFF files, but it’s actually ridiculous. I’ve never had a fast sync, and as everyone else I have a brand new laptop, so it’s not the machine.