I have had many issues with engine DJ becoming corrupt on a few different occasions for no apparent reason. I use it all works fine I close the program open it again on a day or so and out of no where I get the pop up that the library is corrupt.? Also after having to once again redo the entire library because of this and it’s “fixed” I then notice that it’s not syncing music to my prime 4 as it is supposed to do using sync manager. I have also noticed that when removing songs by the hundreds in some cases it’s adding duplicates and not removing songs you have told it to delete completely. I would like to know why this is happening and what Denon is doing in order to fix this? The only work around I have found is to take hours out of my days leading up to my next gig to sit there and go through each playlist on engine DJ and delete songs 1 by 1 that I have already deleted and should be gone but are still there. The engine DJ software is supposed to do this for you so why is this happening? Better yet why is it not adding new music in to my prime 4 after it is clearly in engine DJ some please help with this asap thanks in advance!!!

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I don’t know what your problem may be, but I can tell you how I can eliminate tracks without having duplicates.

I use Engine DJ Desktop while also keeping my remote drive (SSD - USB3) connected to the PC, in this way EDJ Desktop sees both my main collection (on the PC’s HD) and the collection on the remote drive.

At this point I work on the main collection, if I want to delete a track, I right click on it and then select “Delete from collection”, a message may appear asking you for confirmation. In the same way I delete the playlists. After I use Sync Manager, I’m going to check that I have the checkboxes next to the playlists to update. At the end of the operation I get that the collection on the external drive is also synchronized and the tracks deleted from the collection will also have been deleted from the remote drive.

The main thing is to make changes to the collection while keeping the external remote drive connected.

Correct but you must keep all playlist checked otherwise they delete from the prime 4. And in my case I have to delete from the collection in tje engine DJ desktop and then go delete it from the prime 4 drive desperately.

But when I sync using sync manager it not only keeps duplicates which the Ed’s desktop is supposed to remove them if you remove them from the collection when you sync it is supposed to remove the deleted ones from the drive on the prime 4 even if the prime 4 is not connected the main library ie engine DJ software on the computer is what is mirrored on the prime 4 drive so if I add or delete on the main EDJ it should add or delete from the prime 4 without having to do countless hours of work to get rid of or add songs in both places. Why it’s happening I have no idea. Also there is really no way to know if your stuff actually synced over unless you check it for yourself after sync is done. Unlike other DJ software that actually tells you what’s being done when sync and analyzation is being done which I wish they would change so we know what being done and when.

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imo the SYNC Manager is “high risk area”.

Difficult to handle, and I had to restore my files more than once, after using the SYNC Manager.

A tool to be improved from DENON’s side, pls.

Enjoy the weekened

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