Engine Dj sync doesn't work

Hi guys,

I really hope any developer working in Denon dj division red this.

Since the Prime 4 machine is really good, I can not understand why the sync function is so bad. Like many other dj’s, I work with my music into iTunes. There in iTunes I create all my playlist and THEN I export to different programs. Rekordbox, is prepared for that. You can just export the music from iTunes to your hard drives INSIDE Rekorbox. You follow? In Engine Dj YOU HAVE to work again, making playlist AGAIN because this program can’t export directily from ITunes to your usb’s. This is terrible loose of time.

ALSO I found the hardrives I sync with Engine Dj STILL HAVE OLD SONGS I already deleted in the program. This is crazy.

A very good machine with an stupid software.

Good day everyone!

Have you activated Apple Music in the settings of Engine Dj, then “integration”?

The dragging / dropping of “iTunes” playlists (Apple Music Library) does not work! You will have to right click on the iTunes playlist to add and you will have to indicate “Import as Playlist” you will have to click on it, it will add the selected Playlist in the “Engine Library” collection then you can either drag / deposited or either use Sync Manager to export your playlists to your storage medium dedicated to Prime players

Try lexicon. That’s got loads of things in it like that

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Thank you! Import playlist really help. The thing is, when I make changes in the ITunes playlist, how I fix this in Engine? Importing the playlist again?

You will have to deactivate “Off” “Integration - Apple Music Library” and activate it again “On”… it should update the modifications to your playlists that you have made in iTunes and you will unfortunately have to delete the one that has the same name in “Collection” of Engine Dj and you will have to perform “Import as Playlist” to import your new playlist and without forgetting to delete the one you have exported to your storage medium dedicated to your Prime player.

I love iTunes for buying music, I don’t however like how they organise music and didnt want to be reliant on it (knowing Apple’s penchant for changing software) so I manually add my music to folders, rename it then work my software playlists around that… I try to avoid having unrelated software linked to each other for exactly the reasons you describe.

The companies try to sell it to us as seamless when its often not.