Engine DJ Slow to update just a few files

So on pretty much every other DJ program.

Buy 14 tracks. Put where you want them on a disk.

Create the playlist you want them in, drag across, manually/auto bpm/tag etc.

Total 30 seconds in, 3-5 mins bpm etc.

Do the same with Engine DJ 2.2.2 and 22 minutes later, it’s still thinking about it.

I left it for over a week with the machine on to analyse all the tracks. Then randomly, it goes 2261 tracks no analysed.

Where did they come from ?

But mainly why is the updating of a few tracks so slow.

Denon wants us to do this music - engine - sync to ssd/go/external hard drive - then sync back approach.

It really needs to be slicker/easier but mostly faster.

I know I can use thirdparty tools like lexicon, but why should I pay £15 a month to avoid engine dj?

anyone have any tips on improving the speed?

I never seen such a problem. I dragged last week 800 tracks, Engine dj analysed them in like 3 minutes. All accurate and on spot with the beat grid. What are Your computers specs?

How many tracks are in your collection and in how many playlists?

I’m wondering if it’s a db performance issue

Spec of machine is 12GB ram, i7 8th gen, 2tb ssd mx500

So it’s pretty well specced for a dj laptop and runs mik, serato, rekordbox and virtual dj fine.

I have over 250000 tracks in my collection at this moment. My old macbook with i7 3’rd gen and 16GB RAM was also fast in analysis (100 tracks was taking about 5 minutes).

Can You check what is running with Engine in the background? Maybe there is something that pulls resources of Your machine during analysis, so Engine can’t use the full potential of Your computer.

It’s a good call, but unfortunatley already tried that. It’s a DJ machine, so running very little in the way of startup or other software.

It is only engine running and very slowly.

Checked disk performance and that’s fine via crystal mark and using in other apps like virtual DJ.