Engine DJ - Show currently loaded tracks in playlist

Hi guys,

I just bought a Prime Go for mobile use, but am using Pioneer gear at home.

Is there a way in Engine DJ for Desktop to display your currently loaded track(s) in your collection and or playlist window?

When you load a track in deck A for example, there is no indicator in your collection and or playlist that the current track is loaded into a deck.

This gets especially annoying when another track is highlighted and shows a gray play button near the preview.

Rekordbox highlights which track is loaded in a deck no matter your selection in your library or playlist.

I imagine you’re referring to using your prime go while connected to Engine desktop by wifi or lan and fetching your tracks directly from the computer using this method.

On rekordbox, the connection is via USB in addition to LAN, so any changes you make on your decks are reflected in real time on your computer screen. For example, you can browse playlists and see which tracks you’ve loaded, because USB uses a protocol for exchanging information between the computer and the device you’re using.

On Engine, for the moment, the connection is only made by wifi or Lan using a basic server/client type protocol. So at this stage Engine Desktop is just acting as a content-sharing server and there’s effectively no on-screen feedback on the actions taken on the devices.

Furthermore, due to their hardware design, the prime range cannot be connected in standalone or USB controller mode at the same time, which is why a reboot is required to switch to controller mode.

So as long as engine dekstop doesn’t have a ‘performance’ mode and is just a simple library management software, I don’t think it will be possible to get feedback on the computer screen, even just on navigation.

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Thank you for your reply.

I do not have a device connected at that moment and I am not talking about performance mode like in Rekordbox.

I am using Engine DJ like Rekordbox to prepare mixes or playlists for the next set and export them to USB drives or SSDs on my main PC.

Imagine it like this: You sort your playlists for example to show the content of an album, you load a track form that album to a deck, maybe play it for a few seconds and set a few cue points but leave it loaded to a deck.

Now you keep scrolling around or changing folders in your collection, change the sorting to BPM or key and switch back to the album later on.

Now you are unable to see which track of that album is currently loaded without reading the name and searching it / scrolling for it in your collection.

In Rekordbox you still get a little icon on the side of a track in your collection to show you that it’s loaded into a deck, even in preparation mode.

Ah, so when you talk about loading/loaded to a deck, you’re talking about the player(s) in the desktop software?

The confusion has occurred because your original message said that you just bought a Prime Go, then you start talking about loading to decks.

Yes I was saying that I bought a Prime Go, but I wrote in the subject and in the text that I was talking about the Engine DJ desktop software and not Engine OS on the Prime Go.

I think because the Prime series are standalone players, and the desktop software is not “DJ software” for performance, when someone talks about tracks on decks, our first thought is hardware decks.

Both Gaian and I did notice you’d mentioned Engine DJ though, so that’s why Gaian mentioned the Remote Library function.

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