Engine DJ - scrolling with trackpad way too fast

Old thread, same issue on v 2.1.0: scrolling too fast with trackpad

Engine DJ version 2.1.0 seems to still struggle with this on Windows 10 (Razer Blade 15 advanced). The problem seems to me like that the scrolling has way too little (or too much) inertia and even a slightest flick on the trackpad causes tracks and playlists to scroll multiple pages and due to inertia the scrolling does not stop. This means going through the playlists is a pain in the a**, as it’s very hard to hit the right spot on a playlist when the list just keeps on going and going and going.

I’ve tried global options on windows and disabled e.g. mouse acceleration and tried to set scrolling to 1 row only, but nothing happens. Scrolling also works just fine on other software and Engine DJ is the only one which is affected.

Any ideas? Yeah, I know I can use an external mouse and it works just fine, but when using laptop on a lap it’s kind of moot option.

p.s. I can provide a video, just contact me and I’ll send it via email.

This is a huge problem for me. It makes the app pretty much unusable (windows 11 laptop). I want to give Denon a chance, but this is putting a hard stop on my efforts.

Pretty sure you are talking about smooth scrolling, right? That is really bothering me too. I hope one day we can disable it. I did find a work-around though. If the cursor is on the area where a scrollbar is (the vertical line if that makes sense), we can scroll normally. While this is already a relief, it also requires positioning the cursor very accurately before scrolling. Workflow wise, it isn’t an ideal situation. But it is already way less worse than the forced smooth scrolling we have otherwise.

Completely agree. Drives me mad as it slows down work flow to a near stop.

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I’ve found keeping a vertical movement on the trackpad gives better results, your hand naturally sits to one side so you scroll at a slight angle… consciously keeping the scroll vertical helps.

The workaround being a €10 euro mouse as a workaround until InMusic choose to (or not to) look into this.

Presumably, there are settings in windows for trackpad sensitivity etc too

I have a €10 mouse and where possible, I always disable smooth scrolling. But in Engine there is no option to disable it, and it still does even if you scroll with a mouse rather than a trackpad.

I am also having this problem on a Razer 15 laptop. No other app / page etc has scrolling issues with my trackpad so it is indeed an Engine app issue.

The scrolling speed is insane, navigation with the track pad can be impossible sometimes.