Engine DJ reading from Dropbox vs USB at random

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Engine DJ reading files from Dropbox at random.

I have my collection of tunes that I DJ with synched via engine DJ to my USB. However, despite all the files showing as stored on my USB, when I plug into my SC6000s it wants to read some files off the USB and others off Dropbox.

It appears random as to which files it reads from Dropbox vs the USB. The method I use to bring the files into Engine DJ is the same in each case, as follows:

  1. Download the file/tune.
  2. Open the file in iTunes (all my iTunes files are stored in the cloud on Dropbox).
  3. Drag tracks from iTunes into Engine DJ
  4. Put into playlists
  5. Synch to USB

Once loaded into the SC6000s and the USB drive is selected, a significant number of files can only be accessed from Dropbox. This is difficult as I do not want to be dependent on having to rely on a wifi connection to Dropbox when I am playing out. I only want to use Dropbox as the ultimate storage for my tunes.

My Engine DJ Collection is stored on my hard drive and reads as D:/Engine Library/Music/track name.

All the files show as being stored on the USB under the E:/Engine Library/music/track name

If I turn off Dropbox to force the SC6000s to read off the USB only, I cannot access around 30% of my tunes. These appear on the SC6000s screen with a Dropbox icon next to them. However they are still showing as downloaded onto my USB drive, just not able to read all of them from the USB. There does not appear to be any logic as to which files the SC6000s are wanting to read off Dropbox and which it reads off the USB. I have updated Engine DJ to the latest 3.4.0 version.

I love the Engine DJ system and the Denon set up. I am just rather frustrated with this situation. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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I have also encountered this on several USBs while using my Prime 4+. Following this thread for answers and insight. I love Denon hardware but the Dropbox integration is a nightmare thus far.

So I take it from your reply that there is no solution or work around to this problem?

It doesn’t mean there isn’t a solution, I just don’t have the answer. I’m following this thread in case someone else does.