Engine DJ Playlists Not Updating

Hi I wonder if anyone can help as for some reason, I am unable to raise a ticket with Support as it keeps saying fields not completed even though they are all completed !!

I am unable to add files to my playlists in Engine DJ. I am using Engine DJ v2.2.2, Also I am unable to sync playlist over to my SSD Hard Drive and update it with new music. I have done a screen recording of the issue in Engine DJ windows 10 software to show you what is happening. You can see from the video, when I drag music into the playlist, Engine DJ go’s through the process of adding the file, but I cannot see them.

Anyone any idea what the issue is. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Engine Dj 2.2.2

Did you read the Engine DJ manual?

I’m not sure why you’re dragging from an external window directly to a playlist. You’re supposed to add to the main collection first, then create a playlist by dragging from collection to playlist.

Details in the manual.

It works without dragging to collection first.

I can add files/tracks to playlist directly from file explorer/finder.

not sure what is wrong…perhaps its a database issue

@Djtrevsdisco what format are the files? Your Explorer window doesn’t show the extension.

I’ve never done that and it’s always been fine.

Download tracks to my download folder, select all and drag them over?

Never had an issue.

I’m using MP3’s from CD Pool. It’s been fine since I bought my P4 now can’t update with latest music :grimacing:

As others have said, it works straight to a playlist.

If you’re going to refer to the manual you might want to point to a link and say which version of software the manual is for, as it’s mostly out of date vs the software.

So you have them in the folder above.

How did you get them there and what format are they?

Do you have auto analyse on?

If you leave it for sometime and come back are they there?

What format are the files you’re transferring apple files specific to an itunes ID for example won’t work.

Also something I learned as transfers and things were taking some time. Transfer one and see what happens. It may just be a delay that Engine is busy.