Engine DJ not showing all serato crates

After opdating to enging DJ, it only shows some of my sersto crates I’ve got about 80 crates in serato, but engine DJ only shows round 20 of them even when i hit the update button, nothing more happens I would like to import the music-files from my serato library, so i don`t need to make all the cues and loops all over in engine DJ. How can i make engine see all the serato crates?

  1. Exit Engine DJ (Desktop)

  2. Exit Serato DJ

  3. Delete the Engine Library Folder (if you use multiple drives, you have to delete it on those as well)

  4. Then try the serato import again again

Sounds like you may also need to check that the drive where those crates originate from is connected when doing the Serato update in Engine.

If you can see the crates in Serato, then Engine should also be able to see them (unless they are smart crates)