Engine DJ library backup and restore is not working on Windows 10?

My Engine DJ library backup and restore has stopped working on Windows 10?

I did the 2.4 software update and had a corrupted database of over 30,000 so tried doing a restore of my 2.3 database but didn’t work :frowning:

So I uninstalled 2.4 and installed 2.3 and the restore still didn’t work?

I then started a new colection from ‘scratch’ with 2.4 and had loaded around 15,000 files so decided to do a backup but during the process of adding the remaining 15,000 files I forgot to attach my laptop charger so the laptop powered off and my database got corrupted again.

I thought that at least I have the first half backed up but tried restoring the 15,000 I had already backud up an didn’t work?

Have now gone back to 2.3, added 500 files and just did a backup before deleting those 5 playlists and trying to restore them but it’s not working.

What’s going on please!

I’m getting very ‘nervous’ about getting things working before my upcoming NYE gig

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated


I too am on windows 10. I’m on my first day creating my playlists. I’ve added cues & loops to around a hundred tracks, hit sync & the software has thrown a wobbly. It says, not responding :confused: It seems like Denon/EngineDJ don’t reply too quickly to these threads