Engine DJ files stuck at 120BPM

My general workflow is to work with Lexicon. I add files in Lexicon, I let Mixed In Key write cue’s, and let Traktor do the analysis.

After all this, i let my Lexicon library sync with Engine DJ. This worked great for me for at least a couple of months. With the beatgrids locked, i can be sure that it will use the beatgrids from Traktor, wich is better.

When my tracks are imported in Engine DJ, i need do run some analysis, so Engine DJ will know the beatgrid, and shows a preview. If i don’t do that, I can’t use Soundswitch, because in that case, Soundswitch doesn’t find a beatgrid.

Since a couple of weeks, when i run the analysis in Engine DJ, almost every song jumps to a BPM of 120. i’ve seen some topics with the same problem, but i haven’t found any good solution. Unlock the beatgrids, and let Engine DJ run re-analysis would be an option, but then it would be with the analysis from Engin DJ, and not from Traktor (wich i prefer)

Tried to go back to engine 3.1.1, but there i have the same problem. Updated Lexicon to 1.5.8, but this also brings no help…

Does anyone have a similar problem?

Do any of the metadata tags mention a bpm of 120 if you check them with a metadata tag editor ?