Engine DJ Does Not Recognize USB/SD

Hi everyone, just joined here - I bought my first Denon product (Prime 4) earlier today. I converted all my tracks over from rekordbox, yet when I went to transfer some tracks to my USB to try out the P4, the Engine DJ would not recognize it (the USB) under Sync or Devices.

The first time I tried, Engine DJ DID recognize the USB but I did not properly eject. I recognize my mistake now but have no idea how to correct it. I have reformatted multiple USBs as ExFat and Fat32 on my Macbook Pro, this has not worked.I have searched these forums for hours and have yet to see a solution - sorry if this has already been answered.

Any solutions as well as other best practice advice would be much appreciated since I am still quite unfamiliar with the Denon software.

See if this helps


Thank you so much!

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