Engine DJ Desktop: Drag and Drop Cumbersome

Please, please create a right-click menu entry on Playlists to be able to add tracks. Drag and Drop is such an inefficient and error prone UX. It’s fine for a few tracks, to use here and there, and it’s great if you like it, but it’s messy and haphazard.

Users should be able to right click a Playlist and be presented with a menu item “Import Files” and “Import Folder”. Import Files should allow the user to select one or more files to be added to the Playlist. Import Folder should allow the user to select a folder, which imports all tracks within that folder into the Playlist.



Great suggestion. I’ll add to that; also the ability to import playlist files. We already have the ability to export so import should also be an option. I use MusicBee as a playlist manager. It is so robust. so I often create and manage playlist from that application and then “drag and drop” my completed playlist. It would be nice to be able to simply import or point Engine to that playlist. If it could point to or map to a playlist in my file folder making it able for me to modify and update that playlist from any application that would be a GAME CHANGER!!!

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For my part ! I have never had or seen very few errors in “Drag/Drop” to import my music files. On the other hand, I had a lot more problems when exporting with the Sync Manager function, whereas I did not have any when dragging and dropping. I find this possibility so much simpler and more intuitive, since it generates folders and sub-folders and sub-sub-folders during import or export.

Glad you like it. Not trying to take away what you like.

Trying to get something added that’s pretty basic, straightforward, and clearly others desire.

Even adding native menus to the application would be a huge plus.


How about just multi-select several files from a search result, using shift or control keys to allow multi-select, then right-click any of the highlighted tracks and allow “Add to playlist” and it asks “which playlist did you want to add these nn files to ?”