Engine DJ beat grid / BPM detection not working well for me

For many of my tracks (electronic music) beat grid placement and BPM detection is not working as expected. I have to do this manually what is cumbersome because no hardware (midi controller) is supported from Engine DJ Desktop to make it more fun.

Is this a known issue and improvements already in the making or is it only me getting this problem.

Maybe I am asking too much but my expectation was.

  • getting my songs in Engine DJ (Desktop)
  • analyse my tracks
  • sync it to an USB stick
  • place it in my SC6000
  • have fun

Unfortunately when playing the songs grid and tempo information was wrong in many cases and there is no way to change the original BPM of a track on SC6000

Trying to import the beat grid and tempo information from my Traktor Pro library also was not working as expected. Even that the Cue points are imported and the song BPM are displayed in the list, Engine DJ is analysing its own tempo and is setting its own beat grid.

To be clear I am not talking on songs with variable BPM. I am talking on songs which are well analysed from Traktor Pro (even if it needs most of the time a second try)

Have you tried to first clean written BPM informations from the mp3 tags? You can use mp3tag for this task. After that … try to analyze your track as usual. If there is a field with bpm information, engine dj first use this information, but if they are false, you also get false grids. Clean them and let engine dj do the work.

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Thanks for your answer. I just given it a try. I removed the BPM information which in this case was correct but the grid is completely off.

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You regard 0.04 difference as completely off?

The grid lines in the upper image may be slightly more to the right than in the lower image, but they’re not drifting (at least not visibly in that section) which is more the important part.

If you slide the grid (in Engine DJ) over so it’s in the same position as the Traktor image, do you see it drift when viewing the whole waveform?

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In this case you are right. The example I provided was not a good one. The BPM information was correct and there was no drift.

I was just trying what @DJDark suggested and he is absolutely right.

As soon as I remove the wrong BPM information from the track and analyse it, it seams to work. The boring part is that this wrong BPM is provided by Apple Music and always when I remove and download the song from the cloud again the wrong BPM tag is there again.

(Of course you will do this only once and will keep all your songs local)

To remove the BPM information before analysing the song is definitively a working workaround but I really would like to see an option in the software to enable/disable the consideration of existing BPM information.

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You are absolutely right.

Thanks for your help.

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I didn’t even know that Apple Music supplied BPM info. Is that Apple Music the store or Apple Music the software?

I agree that ignoring a stored BPM should be possible.

At the moment I also resort my complete library.

I have analyzed them with serato. After that I decide to sort the whole library by bpm. Then I group some bpm speeds and drag and dropped them to a new folder called “Slow 65 to 100 BPM” - “Medium 101 to 120 BPM” and “Fast 121 to 255 BPM”.

This folders can then reanalyzed by engine dj, where you then set the “BPM analyzer”. When there are then track out of sync, you can sort them to another folder … and so on. It´s time consupting, but so you can grid much files correctly.

When then all works - I hard tag the bpm to my comment field. also with hashtags for #electronic (all tracks that can be defined as electronic music, like trance, house, techno) #rock (all rock genres) #dance (more popular ones) and so on … also in this field #slow #medium #fast

the filename is then build with %artist% - %title (%label%) (%mix%) (B%bpm%) (Y%year%) (%genre%)

which gives: 2 Brothers on the 4th floor - One day (zyx) (radio edit) (B92) (Y1996) (Eurodance).mp3

So when you then need to retag your files all data is there.

My Folder on drive looks like:

g:\library\slow\electronic\eurodance\2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - One day (zyx) (radio edit) (B92) (Y1996) (Eurodance).mp3

and so on.

To use the songs from Apple Music I have to buy them in the iTunes Store. I do this mainly because I have all my purchased songs in one place.

This sounds like really to be time consuming work. For Traktor Pro I was used to Import a song, analysed it one or two times and I was fine.

Even that I followed your suggestion, in many cases I got better results, but there are still some tracks where BPM detection did not work as expected. The bad thing is that If you sync your songs to your USB stick and use it with Engine OS you are not able to change the BPM.

You can always select the tracks and use Re-analyse, so Engine dj will ignore the bpm tag and just do it’s work.


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