Engine DJ 4.0.0 Download show virus detected

Hello all, I just downloaded the Engine 4.0.0 and McFee detected the file as a virus.

I retry to download and same issue.

I think this is a false positive. VirusTotal did not find anything suspicious. VirusTotal

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Thanks for the reply, I just want to let the Engine OS team to workaround.

My company don’t allow us to download external exe files at all. It’s likely the anti virus software is flagging it purely for that reason, I’m not sure there is much inmusic can do about it as they can’t control what your virus software thinks.

I got the same warning from my AntiVirus Software (McAfee also), it will be great if we can get an official statement from the Engine DJ Dev team. As long as i have a warning from my AntiVirus software i don’t think i’m going to allow Engine DJ v.4.0 to start the update on my computers. I have update the gear but the computers will stay with the previous release.

The Engine DJ dev team should contact McAfee, together they can solve this warning message.

I don’t think it’s Inmusic job to contact every complaining customer virus protection software company.

I just verified both installers, the pc and the mac version, on virustotal and they both showed 100% ok.


I do not distribute any software, I am an end user so it’s not my job to check if InMusic “Engine DJ v4.x” software is corrupted or not, at least there’s one form on McAfee, they can submit their software, if everything is fine for McAfee they add it to the false positive database, end of the story.

And please stop all with your “Virus Total” website, this free service is not the most efficient in computer security. Although the detection rate provided by the use of multiple antivirus engines is higher than that provided by the use of a single engine i agree on that point, the results obtained do not guarantee that a file is safe. And it remains a free service…

I trust VirusTotal (was acquired by Google) more than McAfee, which is famous for false positives and not very good techniques for selling its product… I think even Windows Defender is better than McAfee antivirus…

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I feel the phrase ‘making a mountain out of a molehill’ is relevant here…… but then I don’t think it’s being done unintentionally.

You mean McAffee the company who uses scare tactics and deception to force people to buy their products, by daily spamming millions of people by email and lying that their pc is infected?

I’m surprised people are still using McAfee, Norton and the like when protection is built in to the OS.

Yeah Windows defender literally does the job for any normal computer user.

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