Engine Dj 3.3.0 and Sonama - Prime 4+ internal drive not recognised by my Mac (Resolved)

Hi - As the title suggests - Engine DJ 3.3.0 on MAC Sonama, internal drive (ExFAT) in the Prime 4+ - Drive not recognised my the MAC… Any suggestions? - I’e lodged a support ticket a week ago, but there’s been no response…


Hi, does the drive not mount at all even with Engine desktop closed?

You may want to head to the Apple forums as this has been reported by some people previously and is a Mac OS issue.

Edit: Ive just tested on my own Sonoma installed Macbook and the drive is connecting with no issue… there is a prompt that pops up that you have to press ‘allow’ on in order for it to work. If you haven’t pressed that it might be worth googling to find out how to enable the drive access.

Hi Stu, and thanx for the response… The drive mounts under Sonama when connected via a USB caddie no problems… Not when installed on the PRIME 4+ and with or without Engine DJ Desktop running. I get the prompt to allow the Prime4+ to connect to Engine Desktop, which I obviously hit “Allow”, but the drive doesn’t mount, or appear within Engine DJ Desktop at all… :-/

Stupid question but you are putting the Prime 4 in ‘computer mode’ before attaching?


More than one partition active on the drive?

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try another computer to rule out hardware issue

Thanx for the advice - Just tried on MacBook Air (Monteray) - Same issue… :frowning:

Thanx for the response, apprecoiated. Single ExFAT partition - Just re-partitioned it FAT, same issue…

I am an absolute n0000b… Not a stupid question, in fact this was the right question to ask - I hadn’t put the unit in Computer mode - haha - All good now… Really appreciate your response - Never assume anything… :slight_smile:


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