Engine DJ 2.3 hangs when right-clicking hot cues

I’m frequently trying to set and edit cues while audio is playing in DUAL deck mode. Something was changed since the last build, because now i’m constantly seeing the app crash or hang (for an unreasonable amount of time) when I right-click a CUE button to edit or rename it. Sometimes i have to force-close the app , even though it’s still playing audio but has become totally unusable. It’s like it’s waiting for input or something.


Its not just me then

Some issues since the last Desktop update also for me. When I got my hardware some month ago, I have spent a heck lot of time in engine DJ desktop. Flawless workflow and never had issues. I never had a fatal error or crash but since the last desktop update, creating hotcues or simple rename existing cue’s with “right click mouse” let the software freeze for serveral seconds. But seems happening only at the first couple of minutes when I start up the software

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Just updated engine desk top to 2.3.2 and now I have a bunch of red files. To say I am seeing ‘red’ is no pun; I am very ‘peed’ at this!

I’ve frequently encountered both problems discussed in this chain, but on the good side, 1) the hang tends to only happen the first time I use the right-click during any session- no hang on subsequent right-clicks until using for the first time again the next day or work session and 2) the red files are arbitrary and don’t carry over to the Prime 4. And when closing and reopening Engine, the files are no longer red. But its still concerning every time it happens! I still havent moved to 2.4 and dont plan to anytime soon. Better to be a straggler on Denon updates, as I’ve painfully learned in the past when early adopting an update…