Engine DJ 2.2 Issues on starting

I have engine DJ 2.2 on 2020 Intel Mac with Monterey 12.3.1 It crashes immediately after opening despite uninstall/reinstall etc. It was working fine until I tried to move a Serato folder across - then collapsed. Any tips would be most welcome

Hello @Gary_Lemke Welcome to the forum.

Delete or rename all engine folders in music collection. Start engine again - should create a new data base and not crash.

Thanks - but I can’t get into Engine to delete them as it crashes immediately on opening

Go into your library folders and or the engine install folder. There you will find a folder named engine library

Delete the folder on the mac it self thru finder, not thru engine. That has no logic as it crashes, right?

@Dj-alzy @NoiseRiser thanks guys - not sure I did exactly that - just searched for anything “engine” and dumped it and voila - up and running appreciate it


No problem. At least your up and running again.

The crash of Engine dj program is related to corrupted data base file. If You change it’s location or delete it, Engine dj will create a new one on startup. This can fix the crash but eventually You lose what was in the corrupted file. There are some people here on the forum, who know how to fix the broken file. If You want, make a search for it.

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