Engine DJ 2.2.2 sync with Prime 2 or with pendrive

Hi All,

I have a lot of problem with syncing the playlists between PC and Prime and USB drive.

Mostly I use 2 pcs with Engine DJ to set up my playlists, cues etc. etc. The problems what I found:

SYNC between pendrive and PC issues:

  1. Can’t sync from Pendrive to PC, just works in the opposite way.

SYNC between PC and Prime 2:

  1. From PC to Prime2 can sync
  2. From Prime2 to PC sometimes can sync back, sometimes not.

In this way when I want to use EngineDJ 2.2.2 with 2 pcs and one controller, most of time I need copy manually the full EngineLibrary database, but be careful because sometimes the EngineDJ overwrites it.

This syncronisation and playlist/cue/hotcue copy between Prime 2 and PC and other PC not really works well and give a lot of headache.

Will be this corrected sometimes, and will be created a more reliable syncing feature ?

For example sync just the selected playlist, but don’t touch the existing ones ?

Also problem: When plug in a pendrive with Engine Library, then in the EngineDJ software hard to see what playlist is loaded from what drive. I believe everything is ok, and synced, but when remove the pendrive some playlists disappear (and no possibility to sync from pendrive to PC, just can copy and drag and drop then create a new playlist) This part is horrible…

How do you solve this when have more PC in use with EngineDJ ?

Is the music files on both PCs internal drive?

I have a desktop PC and laptop Mac

I have all my music on an external drive which i use with both computers

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