Engine DJ 2.0 - Metadata i/o features?

Hi, I can not find any info about this - and since this is standard for all media players, yet our core DJ apps fail to deliver on this for years…

So the quesions:

  • does Engine DJ 2.0 support custom metadata field read/write ?
  • does the browser display/handle custom metadata fields [for those that are wanted to be seen by the user - NOT all that might exist…] ?
  • does Engine DJ 2.0 support Multi-Value metadata (read/write) on all formats it supports ?
  • does the browser and all tools display/handle Multi-Value metadata properly ?



ps. if not, please move this to feature requests (or let me know if/how I could do this myself)


Not at this time

I pray for:

Preferences: pane to choose tags to show as columns on browser.

Browser: First row with column/tag names clickable to order asc/desc on that column.

Browser: Read tags even in folder view mode (not db, directly on file). Maybe a little slow on create/refresh list but it’s better than nothing.

Also edit tags and basic file management.

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Hey Alec.tron, Quite a few people on the forum have asked for more sophisticated metadatav handling, so I live in hope it might be on the roadmap.

I already added this feature request for multi value tags, so please 'like 'the original post to register your interest.