Engine DJ 2.0.2 Software Bug or Sync Manager Bug?

Hi there, I have a Windows Notebook and a Prime 4. In older Engine software versions I didn’t use the sync function because of the problems with duplicated tracks (I wrote a topic about that). I think the problem was always the structure with crates and playlists. So I am very happy that now with SW update crates are eliminated to a structure only with playlists (like Rekordbox - this work very good). So I updated notebook and Prime 4 to 2.0.2. Unfortunately the database of my Prime 4 then was not readable and I had to reformat. That was not a problem with the thought that the sync function would now work fine. I transfered my collection to the Prime 4 with the sync manager without a problem. Both collections are identical. But now i have identified an error or bug in the SW and I hope that someone can test and confirm that. After the transfer I disconnect my Prime 4. Then I made changes in the collection of my notebook. I deleted some tracks in the whole collection and I deleted and added some tracks in some playlists. The aim was to correct these changes with the sync manager on the Prime 4. But this don’t work. Every time I connect the notebook to the Prime 4 now first the difference between both collections are transfered back from Prime 4 to the notebook collection !!! without using the sync manager. So then it is NOT POSSIBLE to use the sync manager. That is really annoying. Can somebody test this ???

  1. Use the sync manager and check if both collections are identical, then disconnect
  2. Make some changes in playlists and collection on your notebook
  3. Write down the changed number of tracks in the playlists.
  4. Reconnect to your device and check first the number of tracks in your playlists
  5. Do you have changes ?

Can somebody tell me if this is a SW bug ? Thank you very much for your help !! Greets lorqui

Hi again, has anyone noticed this problem too ? Has anyone been able to check this ? I would be very grateful for your feedback. Thanks

Nobody knows this problem ? Is there an admin or somebody from Denon who knows about…

See this link


Hey mufasa, thank you very much for your reply. Haha, as I see the problem has a long beard… 3 years old. Isn’t it time to solve it? Perhaps in version 4.06… this is very sad.

But thank you for your help.

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