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Hello I wanted to know if there was a way that engine keeps the tree structure of my library, rather than putting all the music files in a directory

Not at the moment if you pack them using Engine DJ.

You can add them the way you like them using drag & drop on your computer to your external drive and scan them in Engine DJ but it’s the only way at the moment.

Unless I missed an update!

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IMO it’s not necessary to have a personal tree structure when using any DJ soft/hardware which has a database, as it’s the database which allows the user to find stuff quickly, either via search or using playlists.

Once everything’s added to the database, the location of the files on your hard drive no longer matters.

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No, you can’t:

The current structure avoid having the same file on several folders (if you have a track on several playlists), saving disk space;

You should never touch folders on exported usb sticks, as it will mess your db file locations.

Pionner works exactly the same way with rekorbox.

Problem is that when you have several versions of the same file in different folders, then titles in database comes with (2) or (3) or… Exemple : Queen another one bites the dust is in my 80’s folder, but also in pop rock folder. Sync manager will create a (2) in front of the tittle and I don’t like it. So I stick with the old system, but since 2.0 there is a bug, or let’s say another way to enter files in database : If you’re used to proceed with folders like in old 1.6, when you enter a new file and want it to be in alphabetical order, you have to click on re-number track order. But when you close Engine and reopen it, you’ll have a big surprise because most of your files in this so-said folder will have disappeared ! For ex, on a folder with 684 files, suddenly only 250 are still there ! Very annoying when you open your disk on your Prime at a wedding ! I found the solution because I’m a genius :joy: Select the files wich are still in the folder in engine library (ctrl A), click on “remove from playlist”. Once the folder empty, go back and click on the folder icon, external ssd. Go to the folder with the 684 files on your external disk, select whole content ctrl A, then swipe all 684 files with the mouse till the (now) empty folder in library and… TADAAA ! All your files will be there when you open your drive on your Prime. That’s only my workaround, cause I realy don’t like sync manager. I’m used to work with folders by genre and years and improvise. Not with playlists or history, for those who repeat always the same mixes/programs like parrots

This is a result of manual file management.

You already have duplicates, it’s not effective use of disk space.

There is no reason to have more than one copy of the same file.

One file can be in 10000 different playlists if you want.

You may need to revise your file management from ground up.

I will advise doing this with a separate hard drive whilst still keeping your current drive as you know it.

■■■■■■■■ it makes copies with a number (2) (3) that cannot be deleted

me, with 35000 songs, I don’t find myself with the name, the bpm or the key and they should also be well tagged which is rarely the case…

merci quand meme pour ces précisions mais quand meme rekordbox est mieux fait!

There is no shortcut to it, to benefit from todays technology, you need to tag your files properly.

I went through 65000 tracks during the pandemic.

That just reinforces my point. Why have multiple copies in different folders when you only need one file that can be found by searching the database or going straight to a particular playlist?

You don’t need folders to work with genre and year. Those can be searched via the database also.

As for tagging, you can at least get started with software that goes online and tags for you - just don’t expect it to be 100% correct.

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That’s a point of view, a way of working and choosing what you’re gonna play. When i’m in a pop rock folder for exemple and see different groups and titles, it gives me ideas ! Style “and why not Alan Parson and then Pink Floyd ?” I navigate in a folder like we did before in our vinyl cases. Playlists don’t do that ! And having the same title/file in different folders, what’s the problem ? As I had it for example before, a file can be tagged 80’s in a folder and rock in another. We have plenty of space now with 4to ssd.

I’m using the word as an example. It doesn’t literally have to be a playlist.

I also get ideas from tracks I see when DJing, but I have no duplicate files on my hard drive at all.

You can pull up “pop rock” tracks (to use your example) without needing to have a folder called pop rock, with loads of files in that you also have in other folders. You can find pop rock tracks by searching for pop rock tracks.

Yes but you know, when I bought my Prime4, one of the very first, it was on 1.3 firmware ! I had no choice and I made my collection as it was on my computer : Years and genres. I’m not an ex Pio RB Serato user. I jumped from vinyl to Prime ! So I did not have any database collection as model, and 1.3 firmware did not offer other choice. I’m used to work like this, after fourty years of club. So I think I’m not gonna change my playing instinct for a stupid prepared playlist :blush: But I also understand that all those who were working already with playlists, were completely lost with the early firmwares :rofl:

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c est tellement ca!!

engine is really shitty software, I’ve been struggling for a week trying to import my folders and playlists, whereas today I was almost done, suddenly 500gb less in the engine collection I just hate all those shitty denon products! When they talk "primme is an autonome stuff, it s not true because you need this ■■■■ engine dj

J’avais le même problème et j’ai expliqué la solution un plus haut.

thank you for taking the time to help me

Personally when I play, I prefer to spend my time mixing rather than looking for songs…Especially when they last 2min30s